Ffter allt snack inför #Black & White och #Fable verkar det nästan som om [[Peter Molyneux]] har gjorts sig av med de mest extrema superlativen. I en intervju på Computer and Video Games berättar han om sin besvikelse över att han ännu inte lyckats skapa ett riktigt trendsättande spel. Fast med spel som #Syndicate, #Theme Park och #Populus bakom sig kanske han inte borde vara så missnöjd. Om tiden på #Bullfrog, där nämnda titlar utvecklades, skriver han så här:

Molyneux: Bullfrog went from being a two band in 1989, which had a meteoric rise to success thanks to Populous. It really was a rags to riches story or like an express train journey where we departed at Populous and the journey continued with games like Syndicate, Theme Park and Magic Carpet and which eventually arrived with the sale of Bullfrog to Electronic Arts.

Looking back, it was a really exciting rollercoaster ride up to that point. But then it was a huge culture shock as well; I was a developer who smoked, drank coke and ate pizza at his desk and all of sudden I was caught up in health and safety issues. Its hard to pinpoint specific highs and lows, the realisation that more than two people wanted to play Populous was an incredible high!

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