[[John Carmack]], legendarisk kodknackare på lika legendariska #id Software, är en av relativt få utvecklare som dels släpper spelen till [[Linux]], dels använder [[OpenGL]] istället för det smått standardiserade [[DirectX]]. I ett inlägg hos /. pratar han lite om detta, närmare bestämt att det sannolikt kommer släppas en Linux-variant av företagets nästa spel, #Rage.

There is certainly no plans for a commercially supported linux version of Rage, but there will very likely be a linux executable made available. It isn't running at the moment, but we have had it compiled in the past. Running on additional platforms usually provides some code quality advantages, and it really only takes one interested programmer to make it happen.

The PC version is still OpenGL, but it is possible that could change before release. The actual API code is not very large, and the vertex / fragment code can be easily translated between cg/hlsl/glsl as necessary. I am going to at least consider OpenGL 3.0 as a target, if Nvidia, ATI, and Intel all have decent support. There really won't be any performance difference between GL 2.0 / GL 3.0 / D3D, so the api decision will be based on secondary factors, of which inertia is one.

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