Den belgiska studion #Tale of Tales har idag meddelat att det finns en ny version av #The Endless Forest att ladda ner från den officiella hemsidan. Känner du inte till det annorlunda projektet kan vi berätta att det handlar om en MMO-baserad skärmsläckare där alla spelar ett magiskt rådjur. Det finns inget specifikt mål i spelet då det istället bygger på interaktion (utan chat) och äventyrslust.

The Endless Forest is a multiplayer screensaver where everyone plays a magical deer. There's no goals or missions or chat. Gameplay consists of discovery and creative communication in a peaceful landscape filled with surprises. The project is continuously being developed further in collaboration with the players of the game.

The Forest of Phase Three has doubled in size, so now you can roam even farther and enjoy the new sights and sounds. The new area features a completely new landscape, with birch trees and sycamores, blue berries and little birds that sit on your antlers if you're very very quiet. Which is impossible when you're a Fawn, of course! New players will play the game as a young deer before they acquire the full potential of the well known human-faced avatar. To make sure the Fawns remain amused, a little playground has been added, a quarry of sorts, with big boulders to jump on and hide under.

Phase Three also includes a major overhaul of the game engine with better performance and lower memory requirements. Even the file size of version 3.0 is less than that of 2.0, despite of the additional features (under 50 MB!).

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