#EA Los Angeles har färdigställt den första patchen till deras förstapersonspangare #Medal of Honor: Airborne och i vanlig god ordning kan du dra ner den från filen från vårt filarkiv. Enligt den information vi tagit del av gör uppdateringen det möjligt att starta en dedikerad server, förbättrar vapenbalansen samtidigt som den eliminerar de bugar du kan läsa om i changelogen här nedan.


Dedicated Server
* Allows all clients to join dedicated servers.
Note: To run a dedicated server, the Medal of Honor Airborne
Dedicated Server Application must be downloaded and installed.
Note: For information on the dedicated server, please read the
Dedicated Server Readme.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed a bug where Match Awards wouldn't work with a dedicated
* Fixed a bug where player would become stuck in the sign-in menu
after trying to create an account with a username already in
use, then logging in using an existing account.
* Fixed a bug where Punkbuster messages would display during SP
* Fixed a bug where players are shown debug text when any player
switches teams from Allies to Axis.
* Fixed a bug where if the Springfield's ammo is expended in the
current clip in scope mode, the player does not leave scope mode
to reload.
* Fixed a bug where the user could crash when selecting a game on
the server list.
* Fixed a bug where the background of the "Terms and Conditions"
screen is out of alignment.
* Fixed a bug where hovering the mouse over the sliders in the
"Audio and Video" menus do not highlight them.
* Fixed a bug where exiting out of the "Controller Scheme" does
not take the player to the options menu. The player is taken
back to the game.
* Fixed a bug where 'Loading' text overlaps level portrait in
loading screen for multiplayer matches at 800x600 resolution.
* Fixed a bug where the arrows in the "Custom Match" menu are not
centered with the rest of the text when running in high
* Fixed a bug where a sound doesn't play when scrolling the "Aim
Sensitivity" slider bar in the in-game pause menu.
* Fixed a bug where a sound doesn't play in the multiplayer pause
menu, indicating how loud the sound FX volume is after change.
* Fixed a bug where the player is prompted to save changes in the
"Audio/Video" settings when there were no changes made.
* Fixed a bug where a specific tip text overlaps soldier art on
single player enemy soldier load screens.
* Fixed a bug where non-localized text appears in training mission
pause menu.
* Fixed a bug where the back button art in the "Extras Menu" is
inconsistent with the rest of the shell.
* Fixed a bug where the back button art in the "Stats and Medals"
screen is inconsistent with the rest of the shell.
* Fixed a bug where using the arrow keys to select an unlocked
video removes the "Unlock Criteria" text from all video
* Fixed a bug where the cancel button is misaligned with its
background when the user attempts to quit the game through the
shell on the following resolutions: 1280x1024, 1360x1024, and
* Fixed a bug where there is no "Remove from Favorites" button in
the "Favorite Servers" submenu of the "Trusted Server list".
* Fixed a bug where the "Options / Controller" menu has a missing
field across from the "Move / Lean" toggle option.
* Fixed a bug where if the player tries to join a multiplayer game
with a host that has edited an INI file then the player cannot
enter multiplayer without restarting the game.

Balance Changes
* The M18 Recoilless Rifle and the Panzerschrek damage and damage
Radius were both lowered in multiplayer.

Other Changes
* The "r" in PunkBuster was added in the credits

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