Med sina nio miljoner spelare har #World of Warcraft lika många innevånare som Sverige, en siffra som imponerar varje gång den sätts i pränt. Med en sådan stor spelarskara är det självklart omöjligt att få alla nöjda och med den första expansionen, #The Burning Crusade hördes en del tandgnissel. Enligt Chris Robinson, bossande karaktärsdesigner, är #Blizzard medvetna om vad som kunde ha gjorts bättre och i en intervju på Eurogamer berättar han om de andra nyheterna, bland annat den nya hjälteklassen.

Chris Robinson: Firstly, the word heroic doesn't mean it will be more powerful than the other classes. As yet, we don't know which level it will be possible to acquire it on. It might be between level 55 and 70, but that's still to be determined.

When your character reaches the required level, you can unlock the Death Knight and create a new character from your existing one. The Death Knight uses runes from three different schools of magic (Blood, Unholy and Frost) and he can enhance his weapons with six of them. These runes enable the player to cast spells, to call on powers or to invoke creatures. The choice is entirely up to the player.

Also, Death Knights will be granted access to specific quests, and their progression through the game towards level 80 is likely to be slower than the other character classes.

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