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#Atari presenterar nu imponerande siffror som visar att #Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation-demoversionen till [[Xbox 360]] har laddats ner över en miljon gånger från [[Xbox Live Marketplace]]. Har du inte testat det grymt snygga spelet ännu så går det fortfarande utmärkt att ladda hem demoversionen.

“There’s no excuse for anyone with an Xbox Live account not to have tried this demo by now, and hopefully the sheer numbers of people already taking to the skies will encourage those still in the hangar to taxi onto the runway and light ‘em up,”

“The demo provides a tantalizing taste of the full-throttle experience gamers will be able to enjoy once the title launches in Europe this November complete with full online multiplayer dogfights.”

- Mathieu Piau

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