#Red Mile Entertainment meddelade tidigare under dagen att företaget kommer att samarbeta med Flint Dille under arbetet av det kommande #Sin City: The Game-spelet. Dille, som tidigare varit delaktig och vunnit flera priser för sina insatser i spel som #The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay och #Dead to Rights, kommer att hjälpa företaget till varje pris.

"Frank and I met during what I call our 'professional adolescence' when he was doing the Dark Knight and I was doing the Transformers cartoon series, and we've been great friends ever since."

"Frank and I have been having a party coming up with nasty stuff for the game. In true Sin City fashion, some old characters will return, new characters will appear and -- without giving anything away -- probably die horribly. It's great to be working with the Red Mile team on this project: They clearly share Frank's and my commitment to bringing a new and true Sin City to interactive life."

- Flint Dille

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