The Stig i GT TV

Idag har #Sony tillkännagivit att BBC:s underhållande motorprogramet Top Gear kommer vara en del av #Polyphony Digitals Playstation 3-titel #Gran Turismo 5. Dels kommer du att kunna se 40 Top Gear-avsnitt via Gran Turismo TV (GT GT), men du kommer också kunna köra på den bana som den mystiska föraren The Stig testar allehanda bilar på i programmet.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) and Polyphony Digital, Inc., the creators of the best-selling racing franchise, Gran Turismo®, today announced a collaboration with BBC Worldwide that will allow BBC’s Top Gear programme to be downloaded through Gran Turismo TV (GT TV™) on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™).

GT TV, a dedicated online channel packed with the latest news and content from the motoring world, will launch worldwide on PLAYSTATION®Network in 2008. BBC Worldwide will provide 40 episodes of Top Gear, the award-winning BBC television series about motoring for download.

In addition, the Top Gear Test Track – the track featured each week on the show, where host Jeremy Clarkson and the Top Gear team test the latest cars – will be replicated in Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) on PS3. For the first time in a racing game, players will be able to burn rubber and experience every white knuckle, hairpin turn on the Top Gear Test Track for themselves.

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