Det var bara en tidsfråga innan ett spel som #Pool Party skulle anlända till Wii, handkontrollen är ju som gjord för biljard. Frågan är nu bara om #Evolved Games kan utnyttja potentialen för de första bilderna ser inte alltför lovande ut.

SouthPeak Games continues to reveal its expansive 2008 catalogue by announcing details of its first Wii? title, Pool Party. Scheduled for release in February 2008, Pool Party is a fully-featured pool and snooker simulation featuring a diverse range of game modes and settings and, of course, will make the best possible use of the Wii?s control system.

Pool Party will feature 13 different single player and multi-player game types, encompassing the standard 8-ball, 9-ball, snooker game modes, but including more exotic game types such as Rotation and Black Jack. Play takes place in a choice of 10 stylised environments, ranging from the seediest dive bars to opulent mansions and supremely luxurious yachts and players will also be stepping into the shoes of a range of distinctive characters, as well as facing off against formidable player AI. With shot placement, targeting and adjustments mediated through the Wii?s motion-sensing control system, Pool Party represents the most definitive pool simulation yet seen on Nintendo hardware.

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