Ytterligare en uppdatering av rollspelet #Depths of Peril har sett dagens ljus. Denna gång når spelet version 1003 och ändringslistan (som slår rekord i slapp formatering...) tar bland annat upp förbättrat hårdvarustöd och diverse balansändringar.


added LowRelation help topic
added GetQuest tutorial quest
added ciglio belt as a reward for finishing the tutorial
added party member low health help topic
tutor intro text now mentions tutorial and item reward
updated manual with LowRelation and party member low health stuff
added dual core AMD cpus running game too fast to manual
fixed highlight info only working on 1st 6 effect icons
can now return to game if you accidently click on Win Game icon
ai will no longer try to buy guards when under attack
relic stats now applied correctly immediately after game starts
first few zones now have slightly less monsters
recruits can no longer wear mail or plate armor until they actually get the first skill point
made ghost's in quests more visible
added a show items toggle option
added gamma support/option
now recruit stat highlight information uses the correct class
added level to guard detail
added armor, defense, max health guard detail
tomes and treasure maps names are now white instead of grey to be a little more noticable
ai will no longer leave to next zone if on recruit quest in current zone
increased chance that a dead town NPC resurrects each chance
now can get highlight info on something and see all items on ground at same time
increased amount of chests in dungeons
now some quests require killing less monsters if in dungeon/cave

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