#Medal of Honor: Airborne, den senaste upplagan i #EA:s långlivade shooterserie, går med den senaste patchen upp ett par viktklasser. Uppdateringen väger in på tunga 1,3 GB och ser då till att fixa vissa balansproblem för vapnen, inför fler alternativ för namngivning och skyfflar in två nya banor. Vi har inte lyckats lägga vantarna på den fullständiga ändringslistan, så du får ta hem patchen från vårt filarkiv och testa dig fram bland nyheterna.


Uppdatering: Nu har vi ändringslistan.

New Features

* Players can select "Remember Me" which will remember the user?s password and username.
* Players can now set a clan tag that will prefix every instance of the player?s name.
* Players can set an alias that will be display instead of the player's Username.
* Games can be created by a dedicated server without a player cap.
NOTE: 12 player games are supported. Any player count that is highter is not supported by EA and performance may be affected on low spec machines. We encourage players to lower their game settings when playing in larger games.
* All in-game screens will show 24 players correctly.
NOTE: Teams can have more than 12 players, however only the top 12 players will show up on the scoreboard. The player will always be able to see where they rank on the scoreboard regardless of the amount of people.
* Market Garden map is playable in all modes.
* Factory map is playable in all modes.
* Added more spawn points and second tier spawn points to prevent spawn camping.
* Player ping times now show up on the scoreboard.
* Server name now shows up on the scoreboard.
* Increased chat text time on screen.
* Moved the chat text up above the compass.
* "Say" text is now white and "TeamSay" text is now yellow.
* Removed auto taunts when a player dies.

Bug Fixes

* Fixed a crash that would send the player to a white screen.
* Fixed various clipping issues with geometry in Destroyed Village.
* Fixed a bug where players could walk through objects in Remagen.
* Fixed a bug where audio would become muffled after a map change.
* Fixed a bug where the server list wheel scroll didn't work.
* Fixed a bug where the server list would refresh while scrolling and send the user back to the top of the list.
* Fixed an issue where the dedicated server crashed after entering an admin command.
* Fixed a bug that allows remote server to remember the last connection.

Balance Changes

* The recoil on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.
* The damage on the B.A.R. was reduced in multiplayer.
* The damage on the MP40 was increased in multiplayer.
* The recoil on the G43 was reduced in multiplayer.
* The K98 grenade count was lowered from 4 to 3 and now has the same amount of grenades as the M1 Garand.

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