#Battlefront.com må ha förtjänat den skit de fick när #Combat Mission: Shock Force i ett tämligen ofärdigt skick, men de ska samtidigt ha en eloge för att ha tagit tjuren vid hornen och satt igång med patchandet. Dagens uppdatering innebär att spelet når version 1.07 och likt sina föregångare kommer med en rad förändringar och förbättringar som du kan läsa om här nedan.


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Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.07 All Inclusive Patch Notes

* Corrected some pathfinding problems that caused units to "go the long way
around", especially in areas with tall walls.
* Corrected some "stuck soldier" issues.
* Corrected some issues related to Assault moves, both during and afterward.
* Improved vehicle navigation in dense urban areas (note that vehicles may not
enter extremely narrow alleyways between buildings).
* Blown-out ground-floor walls set in the scenario editor are correctly
navigable in game.

* Fixed a crash bug.
* Soldiers and vehicles move/animate more smoothly.
* Soldiers are shown carrying the correct weapon after switching weapons.
* Team ammo displays correctly.
* Smoke columns/clouds are shown immediately upon loading a saved game, and
correctly retain their shapes from one turn to the next.

* Fixed a bug where it was more accurate to area-fire in front of a building
than to shoot directly at its occupants.
* Squads/Teams are additionally suppressed when suffering casualties (on top of
the morale hit).
* ATGMs are more likely to fire on tanks even when they are unlikely to cause
* Troops are more likely to fire on targets inside a Target Arc even when
unlikely to cause damage.
* RPG-29 is more willing to do "area fire".
* TOW missile failure rate is reduced.
* Tanks hit by depleted-uranium APFSDS (such as from Abrams tanks) explode
slightly less often.
* Trees receive more damage from direct-hit explosions.

* 32 new Quick Battle maps added for a greater variety of combat settings.
* In Quick Battles played by email, units are initially placed in setup zones

* Corrected a problem in the campaign game where computer units were not placed
in ideal positions in the setup phase.
* After computer-player units move, they are smarter about choosing the
direction they face.
* Computer-player vehicle crews whose vehicles have been knocked out are less
aggressive in moving on the attack.

* Shortened delivery times for Syrian rocket artillery.
* The estimated delivery time in the Fire Support Mission Request display
initially shows the best possible time (usually what you'd get with an
"emergency" mission). If a mission type other than "emergency" is selected, the
estimated delivery usually increases to reflect the time needed to fire and
adjust spotting rounds.
* Corrected a case where fire support targeted directly at an enemy unit would
not initially show a colored targeting line.

* Dynamically changing light conditions at dawn and sunset are displayed
correctly in all weather types.
* The floating icon for friendly Humvees and UAZ-469s shows the silhouette of
the infantry team driving them rather than a vehicle silhouette (so you don't
lose track of, say, a Forward Observer team).
* Corrected a problem where an HQ unit would sometimes not be in voice or
visual command of its nearby superior HQ.
* Corrected a problem where occasionally one could spot men in/on a vehicle but
not the vehicle itself.
* Objective labels are moved higher up when around a cluster of buildings so
they're easier to see.
* Vehicle-borne IEDs do not use AI self-protective behavior.
* In setup phase, you cannot embark a unit from one setup zone onto a vehicle
in a different setup zone.
* In the editor, the AI Group number displayed in 3D mode shows the correct
* Corrected various issues related to squad behavior when one or more of its
component teams was wiped out.

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