Som du säkert redan har läst gillade vi #Pillars of Eternity duktigt mycket och delade därför ut en av årets första fullpoängare. Vi är dock inte ensamma om att hylla #Obsidians retrohårda rollspel - de första betygen och åsikterna stämmer in i lovsången.

PC Gamer - 92/100

A deep, rich, and wonderfully written RPG that lives up to the towering legacy of the games that inspired it.

The Escapist - 5/5

Bottom Line: It's the best new, isometric RPG to come out in years.

PCGamesN - 10/10

Obsidian had a daunting task before them: to make a spiritual successor to a series of games that are inextricably tangled up in nostalgia, over a decade after the height of those games’ popularity. This is not the Baldur’s Gate of 2015, it’s Baldur’s Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, the best parts of the lot of them wrapped up in something new and brilliant. And before you venture forth, don’t forget to gather your party.

Wired - inga betyg

Love it or leave it: That’s the disposition of this sort of fantasy world-building exercise. All I can tell you is that Pillars of Eternity is hitting all its marks with me so far—and as a guy who’s lost all interest in the entire D&D enterprise, that’s saying something.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - inga betyg

It’s a triumph. A wonderful, enormous and spellbinding RPG, gloriously created in the image of BioWare’s Infinity classics, but distinctly its own. A classic in every sense. - 8/10

Med sitt isometriske perspektiv, sanntidskampsystemet og det store fokuset på sideoppdrag og rollespilling er Pillars of Eternity en spillbar nostalgibombe. Men du trenger ikke ha spilt Baldur's Gate eller Icewind Dale for å få noe ut av denne perlen. Spillet passer like godt for både veteraner og nybegynnere.

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