Det ständigt försenade #Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning blir nu ytterliggare framflyttat. Spelet släpps därmed först i höst förklarar Mark Jacobs, vd på #Mythic Entertainment, i en tråd i spelets forum.

Samtidigt meddelar man i ett pressmeddelande att spelet även kommer att släppas i en förbeställningsbar samlarutgåva. Denna kommer att innehålla en grafisk roman, en 220-sidig bok med illustrationer, en musmatta och en massa prylar att använda i spelet. Med andra ord en del att gotta sig i höst.

Mark Jacobs foruminlägg:

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So, I'm going to go ahead and create a topic here in which I'll be happy to talk about the change in release day and other associated subjects. As usual, I'll ask people to be polite and I will be so in return. Below this paragraph I have included some questions I expect you'll ask with some answers in advance. Please take the time to read this Q&A before asking me a question in return. I hate to be rude but I don't want to have to answer the same question again and again. Also, please read the entire thread (or at least my responses in it) before asking a question for the same reason.
And please, if you are going to use this thread to either outrage, disappointment and/or anger (real or feigned), I ask you please to do that in another thread. This topic is for people who want to talk to me about the delay, the reasons behind it, the effect on WAR, etc. As I said in the Eurogamer thread I expect lots of visits from trolls (just as we got the last time) from other games looking for an opportunity to pile-on because of this announcement.


1) When's the release date? We are only prepared to say that the game will launch Fall 2008. Given the highly competitive nature of the MMO industry right now, we feel it is best not to establish a set launch date at the present time.

2) Will you still be able to launch the European and North American versions of the game simultaneously? That's always been our plan for WAR and nothing about this delay endangers that at all. Actually, it gives us a little more time to make sure that everything is ready to go at launch.

3) How?s the beta going? It's going quite well. We?re getting tons of great feedback and overall, we are quite pleased with the game's progress. Given the rather complicate nature of MMOs in general, and the fact that WAR is both a PvE and an RvR game, getting it right at launch is paramount to the game's success.

4) Do you think you are going to hit this release date? About as sure as we were the last time, which means that we'll be sure that we'll hit the date when the game goes gold master. Our confidence only increases the longer we are in beta.

5) It seems that WAR is taking a long time to develop, is this true? Mythic began work on WAR in Fall 2005. Even with this delay, if the game launches within the new window it will be only a three-year development cycle. That is far less than most other MMORPGs ... other than Dark Age of Camelot, of course.

6) How does EA feel about this delay? They feel the same way about it that we do, sad but supportive. We all would have loved to release this game in the 2nd Quarter but it wouldn?t have been a great game at launch we know it can be. A good game absolutely, but not great. Our CEO has been a vocal proponent within EA and spokesmen outside of it of the need to improve the quality of all games, including EA. We are thrilled to be happy to help meet his trumpet call.

7) It's going to be a pretty crowded couple of quarters in the MMORPG space, why do you think WAR is going to be able to stand out? One of the lessons from developers like BioWare and Blizzard is that you can't rush a great game to market. By taking the necessary time to make WAR a great game, we feel it will be able to stand out in any season. We would rather release a great game in the fall then a good one any other time.

8) Do you see any positives in the delay of the game's release? Yes, lots of them. Extra time for polish, more time for iteration and a chance to be one of the standout products of the biggest selling season for the industry.

9) Why did you announce the date now? We could have waited to announce a delay, and in doing so take advantage of the hype surrounding the of the Collector's Edition to sell a ton of copies. However, that has never been the way we've done business and that is not about to change now. We've always told the community that when a delay was necessary we would tell them right away, and we're doing just that. I wish I could say all other developers do this but the fact is that they don't. We did what's right for the game but delaying the release and what's right for the community by announcing it now.

10) Will this have any effect on any other overseas launches for WAR? This has no impact on our plans for Asia.

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GOA And EA Announce Warhammer® Online: Age Of ReckoningTM Collector's Edition

The Ultimate Warhammer Online Experience Includes Exclusive Miniature, Original Graphic Novel, Bonus Quests and Rewards, Art Book, and More


Paris, 26th March, 2008 - GOA, France Telecom - Content Division Online Games Department, today announced details of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (WAR) Collector's Edition.

The Collector's Edition, a premium, limited run edition of EA Mythic's massively multiplayer online role-playing game will be packed with bonus in-game content and unique collectibles unavailable elsewhere, including an exclusive Games Workshop miniature. The recommended retail price is 79.90$ and those who pre-order the product will receive additional exclusives. Only 55,000 copies of the Collector's Edition will be produced for Europe and the pre-order program will begin the 26th March 2008.

"Collecting has been a part of the Warhammer hobby experience for 25 years, and this special Collector's Edition continues the tradition with exclusive offerings, including an official Games Workshop miniature," said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager, EA Mythic. "We are bringing the quintessential elements of Warhammer - tabletop miniatures, incredible fantasy art, and delightfully grim fiction - along with exciting in-game bonus content, together in what is sure to be one of the premier Collector's Editions of all time."

"We are very happy to offer the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Collector's Edition to European gamers," said Ghislaine Le Rhun, Executive Director of GOA. "We hope that Warhammer fans will be delighted and that they will play a part in this upcoming adventure with GOA and EA Mythic ! "

The WAR Collector's Edition will include:

From the Age of Reckoning to your tabletop battle! Based on original characters from the MMORPG and designed by Games Workshop specifically for the Collector's Edition, this official Warhammer metal miniature depicts the Greenskin warboss, Grumlok, and his shaman, Gazbag, in rich detail. Feel the WAAAGH!

The forces of Order and Destruction collide under the Chaos moon! Commissioned exclusively for the Collector's Edition, WARHAMMER ONLINE: AGE OF RECKONING PRELUDE TO WAR is a full-colour, 128-page hardcover graphic novel that sets the stage for the start of the game. Written by acclaimed Games Workshop writer Graham McNeill, the oversized book is richly illustrated by Chad Hardin, Joe Abraham, Rahsan Ekedal, Tony Parker, and Kevin Hopgood. Each of the graphic novel's six chapters tells a unique story about the armies in the game, and together they detail the events leading up to the Age of Reckoning:

A stunning collection of the art that gave birth to the Age of Reckoning! THE ART OF WARHAMMER ONLINE is a 224-page hardcover collection of original art from the game. Each of the glossy, full-color pages showcases the talented work of our concept artists and offers a glimpse of a world in the making.

Only for European purchasers, a unique gaming mousepad will be available in the Collector's Edition.

Wisdom is its own reward. Readers of the Librams of Insight are granted special insight into their own actions and earn experience at a higher rate for a limited time. (+10% XP modifier for 60 minutes, 3 uses, 90 minute reuse timer.)

New adventures and just rewards await players on the battlefields of WAR! Purchasers of the Collector's Edition will begin their adventures in the Age of Reckoning with twelve (12) bonus quests awaiting them in their Tome of Knowledge. Each quest offers an exciting in-game reward, as well as a character title, to those that complete the challenges before them.

Stand out from the crowd with a look unlike anyone else! The WAR Collector's Edition includes twelve (12) bonus heads for additional character customisation options. Each race gets a truly distinctive look (with male and female versions) that is sure to turn heads on the battlefields and be the envy of everyone in the army.

With the pre order box of the Collector's Edition, which has a recommended retail price of 9.90$ ( deductable from the full Collector's Edition retail price), players will also receive:

Access to the open beta: be one of the first players to experience the glory of battle and the thrill of WAR!
A live game headstart: begin your adventures in the Age of Reckoning before the raw recruits arrive!
Plus exclusive bonus in game content:

In partnership with retailers and e-merchants, all pre-order customers will receive:

Rittenbach's Portable Camp: to rest the weary soul and heal the wounds between battles.
And either
Sentinel's amber band (retailer exclusive): to enhance the stats and cast "Touch of Earth," increasing the chance of doing additional corporeal damage with each hit. (Usable in PvE combat only.)

Or Guardians' Iolite Band (e-merchant exclusive) : to enhance the stats and cast "Touch of Spirit," increasing the chance of doing additional spiritual damage with each hit. (Usable in PvE combat only.)

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