Efter ett par månader av stängd beta är det nu dags att sjösätta det öppna testet av #World of Warships - #Wargaming försök att återupprepa succén med #World of Tanks. Framgångarna från den stängda beta är därmed sänkta till havets botten och alla får börja om på en ny köl.

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[li]The Open Beta commences with a total of 10 original maps and over 90 warships.[/li]

[li]You can command iconic historical vessels under the American and Japanese banners, with fully fledged tech-trees divided into 4 ship classes that significantly differ in gameplay and tactics.[/li]

[li]Besides the 2 dominating nations, you can take helm of Russian and British ships that are heralding the coming of other major fleets into the game in the future.[/li]

[li]Signal flags and camouflage customization not only let you distinguish your vessels visually, but also tweak the performance of your ships based on how you want to play.[/li]

[li]Your commanders have a progression of their own, gaining experience for each and every battle and unlocking new skills that will help you make your mark on the battlefield.[/li]

[li]Achievements and account levelling is another way of tracking your progress in the game and rewarding you with in-game bonuses and features that unlock more ways to play.