Den förra veckan utlovade innehållsuppdateringen till #GTA V är släppt. Enligt uppgift är den omkring 700 MB stor.

Uppdateringens stora nyhet är hur freemode-läget förändrats. Istället för trist väntan i en lobby och menybläddrande dyker eventen upp när du befinner dig i spelvärlden. Du får en notis om att ett event startar inom kort, och slängder då en blick på kartan (om eventet kräver närvaro på en specifik plats), GPS-markerar platsen och kör dit.

Uppdateringen släpps till pc, Xbox One och PS4, och de senare får också ta del av filmverktyget Rockstar Editor som hittills bara funnits till Windows-utgåvan av GTA V.

Ett tiotal events väntar, om vi ska tro den här sammanställningen av Kotaku. Så här skriver de:

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[li]Penned In – A vehicular free-for-all to stay inside an ever-shrinking and always-moving dome. If you’re caught outside the dome for more than a few seconds you’ll blow up and be eliminated from the competition.[/li]

[li]Criminal Damage – Rack up the biggest property damage bill you can before time runs out. Equip your biggest weapons and go to town on anything and everything in sight.[/li]

[li]Hunt The Beast – Players team up to track and kill the beast – a randomly selected player with superior speed and extra health – before it can collect 10 checkpoints scattered around the world within the time limit. The beast is invisible on the mini-map save for whenever it collects a checkpoint, which will cause it to blip for 10 seconds (and increasing in duration with each checkpoint collected).[/li]

[li]Challenges - Longest jump; longest skydive; longest wheelie; most vehicles stolen; most near misses; lowest parachute deploy; longest bail from vehicle; furthest distance low flying; and more.[/li]

[li]Moving Target - A vehicle is blipped on the map, the first player to deliver it to the marked destination wins.[/li]

[li]Kill List - A vehicle is blipped on the map, once the requisite number of players enter they must take out as many waves of enemies as possible.[/li]

[li]Kill List Competitive - Same as above, but multiple vehicles are blipped and players compete against each other to rack up the most kills in the given time limit.[/li]

[li]Checkpoints - 120 checkpoints spawn in a quadrant of the map. Players compete to collect the most in the given time limit. This mode comes in two variants: land & sea checkpoints and air checkpoints.[/li]

[li]Time Trial - A persistent blip on the map where players can try to beat the Rockstar par time and world record on a route that changes weekly.[/li]

[li]Hold the Wheel - A target vehicle is blipped on the map for 5 minutes. Players compete to be the one in the vehicle when the timer expires.[/li]

[li]Hot Property - Players compete to control possession of a blipped briefcase. The longer you have it, the more points you earn.[/li]

[li]Dead Drop - A briefcase is blipped for players to collect and deliver to a location. Players compete for the chance to deliver the briefcase.[/li]

[li]King of the Castle -The first player to a blipped location becomes King, and gain points as long as they remain King. Players compete to kill and become the King.