Efter att #2K Games bröt hemligetssigillet runt #The Darkness förra veckan flyter informationen något friare. IGN har till och med lyckats fånga in en hel drös med designers från Uppsala-trakten och pressat ur dem tillräckligt många svar för att fylla två sidor.

IGN: Will you give us a little primer on the concept behind the Darkness? While some of our readers are very comic book savvy, some don't even know who Spider-Man is.

Jens Andersson: The Darkness is about Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman. On his 21st birthday, Jackie gets possessed by the Darkness. This ancient and evil entity goes from father to son and gives Jackie spectacular powers whenever he is in the dark. In the game we've chosen to retell the story of the original comics about the day when Jackie receives the Darkness powers as well as the story about Jackie's only real family; the mafia.

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