Efter en tids uppladdning och snack om nära förestående release är nu en patch med siffrorna 1.07 till #Age of Empires III släppt. Storleken är blygsamma 15 MB och nedladdning sker antingen via spelets inbyggda uppdaterare eller via traditionell nedladdning från vårt filarkiv.

Ändringarna ser ut som följer:


* Added a new random map, The Unknown

* Added ability to see if a friend on ESO is playing a game

* Moderators now have blue chat in chat channels


* Fixed an issue that let military units in Cover Mode do extra siege damage

* Fixed an issue where the German A.I. would not build houses or collect resources when they started with just Settler Wagons

* Fixed some rollover text issues

* Hispaniola map added to the Standard Maps set


* Fixed an issue where the host would appear invisible in the game setup room

* Chat channels' player lists are now alphabetized

* Fixed an issue where non-rated games were counting toward Power Rating

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