Måndagens filmklipp från #The Ship följs idag av en intervju med utvecklarna #Outerlight, närmare bestämt storpotäten Chris Peck. Vi får bland annat veta att företaget hade planer på att göra ett fristående spel redan från dag ett, modifikationen till #Half-Life skulle visa upp spelidén för potentiella utgivare.

The idea was always to make a commercial title. The mod was made as a tool to show publishers how the gameplay worked, we decided to release the mod online to get some feedback from the public, and found that was amazingly useful in helping us refine the gameplay, although there were alot of great suggestions we didn’t have time to implement, as we shifted the game from the HL1 engine and onto Source (HL2). The other reason we made the mod was financial, at the time we had a small team and limited funds (being that the company is totally funded from money we raised ourselves, rather than publisher funds), and the HL1 engine was free and easy to use, so provided an excellent platform on which to make a demo.

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