Idag stod det klart att #Atari stryper sin support (inte [n=13571 bokstavligen]) för #Neverwinter Nights men utvecklingen av #The Witcher, som använder samma grafikmotor, fortsätter. När en skribent från sidan Gaming Excellence beskriver spelet, efter att ha sett det på E3, instämmer han med tidigare förhandstittar och jämför det med #Diablo, ett stort namn att leva upp till.

The graphics in the game are simply stunning. Through the use of a highly modified BioWare Aurora Engine, The Witcher features a rich 3D environment that attempts to immerse players in Sapkowski's world. The animations for Geralt have been motion captured, and, in what is highly unique in the RPG genre, NPCs go about their daily lives as the days pass by. This means that as the sun rises and sets they will not always be in the same place, standing around and waiting to sell items to players or to talk to them. Although I do not know how well this will work in practice, these all add to the incredible sense of realism offered in this game.

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