Spelet med en av de senaste årens längsta titlar ska expandera en andra gång, i Dark Crusade till #Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War ska bland annat två nya raser introduceras. På IGN skriver chefdesignern Jonny Ebbert om en av dessa, teknologifrälsta Tau.

The Tau military is both simple and elegant. They use their technology to overwhelm their opponents with superior range and firepower. They're practically unbeatable in a firefight, and watching them mow down hordes of your co-worker's army is a very satisfying feeling. But the Tau does have a weakness. They're physically frail, and fairly helpless in melee combat, so they have to keep their opponents at a distance. It helps to think of the Tau as "glass cannons." They have unmatchable range and firepower, but they can't take much punishment.

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