Med tjugo dagar kvar tills att #Prey-smakprovet släpps behandlar den senaste veckorapporten från #Humanhead Studios spelets (och demots) flerspelarläge. Vältränade pr-tungor skulle nog kunna kalla det "revolutionerande" men istället har texten en överlag glad ton med anekdoter från hetsiga spelsessioner på kontoret.

It's all pretty darn cool. The first few times you play, if you play against someone else who knows the concepts introduced with Prey Deathmatch, they'll school your ass, as you're not used to looking in every direction for incoming fire generally. Back in the old days with Doom, ROTT, and the like you had just left and right to contend with. Quake introduced up and down to the mix, and it's pretty much stayed that way until now. While Quake allows for incoming fire to come from almost every direction, the base play remained the same, as you had to be "on" something - up and down were constants for the most part, despite the Z axis now being brought into play.

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