Intervjuer tycks vara temat denna måndag så varför sluta nu, istället pekar vi dig mot FiringSquad som frågat ut Jørgen Tharaldsen på #Funcom. Lusekoftor kanske inte får dig att tänka på Conan Barbaren men det är ändå temat då norrbaggarna ska släppa onlinespelet #Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures senare i år.

FiringSquad: Why did you want to create a game based on a licensed property, rather than your own creation?

Jørgen Tharaldsen: When we were developing the heralded Anarchy Online – Shadowlands in 2003 we started to look at other games we could develop in the genre. We really wanted to create a fantasy game this time around (since AO was a sci-fi game) and when we went through our options we (“almost” by chance) came across Conan Inc, who was looking for a partner to develop an online universe based on the Conan license. Having grown up with the Conan comic and movies, and being great fans of the universe, the choice wasn’t all that difficult, and here we are some three years later.

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