I slutet av maj släpptes den till synes sista [n=13552 modulen] till #Neverwinter Nights, Atari stoppade senare allt [n=13571 utveckling] av fyraåringen. I en intervju med två av expansionens testare märks dock ingen bitterhet, snarare en lättnad över att vara klara med det "oändliga" tillägget.

Steve Savicki asks: Could you please give a brief overview of Infinite Dungeons?

Stanley Woo: Infinite Dungeons is our latest Premium NWN Module, a revisiting of the old-school dungeon crawls we used to see back when we played D&D in our parents' basement.

Chris Priestly:It is a departure from previous BioWare Premium modules as it is much more centered on combat and treasure than we have ever attempted before. It was also a huge headache as NO tester should ever have to test anything called "Infinite" again.

Stanley Woo:And trying to test anything involving "random" dungeon settings is pretty tough, too. But we still had a great deal of fun trying to get this module up to snuff, and I think D&D fans and NWN fans will get a lot of enjoyment out of solving the mystery behind the Infinite Dungeons. We've got everything: crazy wizards, hordes of monsters, tons of loot, puzzles, even a cute little kitty named Skrinkles.

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