Hur i helsikes skapar man ett spel på Quentin Tarantinos klassiska #Reservoir Dogs? Det försöker projektledaren Dave Manuel på utvecklaren #Volatile Games att svara på i en intervju på Computer and Video Games.

Dave Manuel: Famously, a large part of the film takes place in a warehouse following the events of the heist. This is clearly not a viable setting for a game, although the warehouse does provide the setting for most of the re-created 'classic scenes' that feature throughout the game. For the game, we have primarily focused on the events that take place immediately after the heist from each character's perspective: The fate of Mr Blue; Blonde's kidnap of Marvin; Pink's retrieval of the diamonds; White escorting Orange back to the warehouse; Brown's getaway from the Heist; and what Nice Guy Eddie got up to when Blonde was so chillingly left alone with Marvin.

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