Förutom miljöombytet kommer #Battlefield 2142 även att inkludera ett nytt spelläge, kallat "Titan". Kring det och om en handfull andra ämnen diskuterar 1UP och Markus Nilsson från #Dice i en färsk tresidig intervju.

It's been really hard for us, to be perfectly honest, to come up with a game mode that we think is as compelling, and that's been the whole struggle. We've been working on game modes and we've been scrapping them back and forth, but moving into 2142 in the future is obviously giving us the choice of being a little more creative in what can live in the world and what can exist. Actually, the Titan mode game mode has been around longer than we've developed the game. The idea was there; we just wanted it to fit perfectly into the setting.

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