Antalet förstapersonspangare som drivs av nästa grafikmotor från [[Tim Sweeney]] och folket på #Epic börjar bli svårräknade men tyska #Acony tror benhårt på sin science fictionskapelse. I en intervju på FiringSquad får vi veta att mycket krut läggs på att göra arsenalen så fläskig och konfigurerbar som möjligt men storyn håller de tillsvidare tyst om.

FiringSquad: How did the idea for Parabellum come about?

Frank Trigub: Basically the idea came during prototyping the original game idea, which was ...somewhat different. From prototyping we learned about all kinds of fun killers, for example we discovered a miracolous top-down microsociety created by one of the prototypes. After a lot more prototyping, we finally discovered a new way to add depth to FPS multiplayer games, and we suddenly knew that "This is it !". Mutliplayer games tend to provide slight variations of existing, proven game modes. Currently it seems to be the age of Battlefield varations (a lot of new titles offering a game which is basically a modified "Battlefield: Conquest" mode with a linear or non-linear progression of "flags" or "objectives" in a different setting). I am happy that we have taken the time and pain to discover an entirely new game mechanic for Parabellum.