Förra veckan stod det klart att Blizzard tröttnat den privata World of Warcraft-servern Nostalrius som i åratal erbjudit nostalgiska spelare att uppleva onlinerollspelet i sin allra första inkarnation. Servern skulle stängas ner, något som såklart fick trogna spelare att sörja.

Hundratals valde att inte invänta ödet utan beslöt sig för att gå på en självmordsmarsch från Orgrimmar till Thunderbluff där de helt sonika slängde sina karaktärer utför ett stup. Se fler bilder på Imgur.

Andra valde att söka tröst i gemenskapen på servern, något som fångades i detta klipp från de allra sista minuterna. Tystnaden som uppstår när meddelandet om att spelaren blivit utloggad är massiv.

En vältalig person kunde inte hålla missnöjet inom sig utan skrev ett längre Reddit-inlägg om hur det var att återvända till Warlords of Draenor, den senaste expansionen till World of Warcraft. TL;DR - det var inget kärt återseende.

I thought I had wanted vanilla. I really thought that I did. About 25 days of playtime later, with 1 level 60 and a bunch of 30s & 40s I realized that I didn't. Thankfully that period had also coincided with Blizzard shutting down Nostalrius.

Good riddance, right? Those filthy fucking moneygrubbers sapping business from big ol' blizzard with their free to play server that they volunteered their own time to maintain.

Upon returning to the <del>HORRIBLE PILE OF DOGSHIT</del> glorious Warlords of Draenor with a 10 day trial, I thought that I might as well level something up to 20 for Hearthstone that I <del>ONLY PLAY WHEN I'M ON THE TOILET</del> love dearly.

Thankfully, I had a level 19 priest sitting there decked out in heirlooms from the <del>Crapa</del>Cataclysm days.

The first thing I had noticed on retail was the <del>COMPLETE FUCKING LACK OF PLAYERS</del> sense of community. Surely, there was a sufficient amount of players with whom I could adventure with. Gazing upon the <del>completely empty</del> vibrant Orgrimmar inspired me to bring justice to the horrors of the Wailing Cavern.

Upon teleporting straight into Wailing Cavern with four of my <del>non-english speaking</del> companions <del>from entirely different servers,</del> we set out---

<del>Actually, the instance was already half done. The tank was destroying everything in sight in microseconds because he had heirlooms too.</del>

--with great difficulty, cutting down swathes of crazed reptile Druids. In <del>about four fucking seconds</del> due time, I reached level 20 <del>shut that horrible fucking Facebook game masquerading as an MMO</del> and proceeded to <del>do something better with my life</del> turn off the game.

I was <del>nauseous</del> wholly captivated the entire time. The incredible amount of quality of life improvements that Blizzard has added to their game all this time...how could I have been so blind? It actually felt like I was there in the Wailing Caverns with four of my best friends.

Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/yalma

QUICK UPDATE: After many hours of deliberation, I have decided that I'm going to <del>uninstall this 30 fucking gigabyte behemoth of shit</del> stay with <del>Borelords</del>Warlords of Draenor as it is clearly the better game. With five million<del>chinese people</del> subscribers, I will never ever run out of people to <del>Dungeon Finder Queue</del> adventure with. With Heirlooms, leveling is <del>a fucking joke</del> finally satisfying. I don't have a character at level 100 yet <del>because I quit this game four years ago</del> but I am sure that everything is balanced and fun for everyone. I am now looking forward to<del>BURNING CRUSADE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: METZEN'S REVAMP BECAUSE WE KILLED ALL THE INTERESTING CHARACTERS</del> Legion.

It's been fun, Nostalrius. But you never had a chance. <del>I'm totally not going to find another private server now.</del>

Vill man grotta ner sig i ännu mer missnöje är det bara att surfa vidare till serverns egen Reddit-avdelning.