Grafikkortsaccelererad fysik är #Havoks kommande melodi, till skillnad från den dedikerade Newton-brädan från #Ageia. Hur det är tänkt att fungera och vad de tycker om konkurrentens lösning kan du läsa om på Gaming Nexus, som pratat med produktchefen Jeff Yates.

GamingNexus: What brought on the idea of leveraging a graphics card to drive physics in the game?

The notion of the GP-GPU (or general purpose GPU) has been around for a while. But in the last year, with the installed base of Shader Model 3 class GPUs growing significantly in consumer hands, we felt it was time to start thinking of the GPU as another platform – the way we think about PCs and Consoles. We of course also had visibility on nearer term plans that showed what we know today – that the trajectory for GPUs continues to grow and that even more will be possible as time goes on.

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