Gårdagen bjöd på ny uppdatering till populära #World of Warcraft, om än endast en mindre patch. Storleken är ringa 5 MB och ny versionstalet är 1.11.2. Den mest efterlängtade förändringen för nya spelare är kanske att chatkanalen LookingForGroup numera är avstängd som standard, i övrigt rör det sig mest om buggfixar.

- Fixed an issue where players were still being disconnected in 1.11.0 when trying to log back in within 20 seconds of a client crash.

- Fixed an issue where it was possible to place special bags inside one another.

- Applied a fix where players reported that they are sometimes unable to resurrect at their corpse.

- Fixed a graphical error where when viewing a character from a second computer, a player who had his weapons sheathed did not appear to have any weapons on his side or back.

- Fixed an issue where a player received a fatigue bar after a disconnection occurred during a flight path over deep water.

- The Looking For Group channel is now defaulted off. Players will need to join the channel to access it. (/join LFG)

- Fixed an issue where temporary weapon enhancements such as poisons would not persist after zoning or logging.