Servrarna för det Mad Max-doftande onlinespelet #Auto Assault är uppe och snurrar sedan ett par månader tillbaka och nu gäller det för utvecklaren #NetDevil att förse spelet med uppdateringen. Om det och vad dessa kommer att innehålla pratas det om på StrategyInformer.

Auto Assault has been released for sometime now - how's it going?

Hermann Peterscheck: The launch went smoothly which was a relief, however, as with all MMOs, launching is only the beginning. We had many early hot fixes and updates to improve the game and a few weeks ago we had our first major update followed by a series of minor updates. There are constant changes and additions to items, quests, skills and so on and I imagine this will continue over the life of the project. We also have some major updates planned throughout the year which we will be revealing more about later.

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