Först när #Supreme Commander annonserades verkar [[Chris Taylor]] ha fått sin rättmätiga respekt för strategiliret #Total Annihilation. När Shacknews nyligen intervjuade honom fick han frågan om vad han tycker saknas i dagens strategispel, varpå han svarade så här:

I often say that strategy happens within a war context, and tactics happen within a battle context. RTS games are lacking strategy. You're fighting little skirmishes and little battles, and you really don't have enough time. If you and I sit down to play a game and we're on top of each other in five to six minutes in terms of our units, how could I have hatched some massive plan when I've only had a few minutes? But when you put me into a large theater of war and I've got fifteen or twenty minutes, and I see a scout fly ahead I can say, "Oh, they know my position!" then the options open up and I can start making much more strategic plans.

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