Företaget #Garage Games hakar på #Microsofts satsning på färska utvecklare genom att släppa en [[XNA]]-kompatibel version av sin spelmotor [[Torque]]. Chefen på firman, Joshua Williams, blev i samband med tillkännagivandet intervjuad av folket på Shacknews.

Shack: Yesterday and today's announcements were quite significant. What do you guys see as the big step forward in terms of this as compared to existing open PC development, where people have always been able to pick up a compiler?

Joshua Williams: There are a few pieces, I think. The first is that, as a hobbyist, there's quite a bit of cool factor in being able to run your games [on Xbox 360]. Right now, sure, you can get a compiler and make a game and share it with your friends over email. They can play it on their PC, but it's pretty cool to be able to run it on your 360, and invite people over to come and see it. I think that'll get a lot of people hopped up on making games. I imagine if I were in high school again, learning games and game development, and I heard this announcement, I'd be rushing home as soon as it was available to make a game and show it off to my friends.

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