Animationer har alltid varit en viktig byggsten i spel, från den enklare tiden då det bara fanns två dimensioner till dagens polygonmonster i tre. För att få en inblick i utvecklingsprocessen har Shacknews intervjuat Mohammad Davoudian, chef på företaget #BrainZoo Studios som hjälper andra firmor (exempelvis Activision, LucasArts och Midway) med animationsjobb.

Shack: These days, it's quite hard to tell the difference between an in-game cutscene and a pre-rendered cinematic, given that technology has gotten so advanced. Which is the preferred method from an animation standpoint? Please elaborate.

Mohammad Davoudian: Our preferred method is pre-rendered because you have more control and can get the best from your characters (although the gamers may prefer real-time adapted cinematics.) With real-time cut scenes, you?re limited to the technology you?re working with. Plus, when it?s pre-rendered, you can add so many effects in the animation for cloth, hair, etc. Those features are on a limited level right now with existing engine technology.

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