Tisdag är patchdag för #The Division, och dagens kodplåster är osedvanligt matigt med både nytt innehåll och en god dos buggfixar. Servrarna tas ner för patchning klockan 9 i dag och beräknas hosta igång igen framåt lunch.

Uppdateringen har getts namnet Update 1.2: Conflict och ett av de stora numren är en ny incursion (eller raid) vid namn Clear Sky. Den utgår från Columbus Circle och är tänkt för lag om fyra level 30-spelare med höglevlad utrustning. Clear Sky är spelets andra raid, och vi hoppas innerligt att den fungerar bättre än den svårt buggbitna 1.1-uppdateringen och dess Falcon Lost-raid. Patchen innehåller en mängd annat nytt material, exempelvis olika uppdrag för höglevlade spelare, nya utrustningspaket och möjligheten att avbryta extractions i dark zone genom att skära av helikpterns rep.

Det ingår också ett stadigt lass buggfixar. Man har till exempel fixat problem som att en spelares talent kan fås att öka mångfalt genom att equippa och unequippa den. Hela changeloggen har du nedan.

Nyligen dömde en nätverksexpert ut The Divisions nätkod som trasig bortom räddning, och menade att den måste skrivas om från grunden för att förhindra fusk i spelet. Såvitt vi vet har varken #Massive eller #Ubisoft kommenterat påståendet. Hur uppfattar du att The Division fungerar numera – kan du spela det hyfsat smärtfritt eller är spelet det bugg- och fuskhelvete som vissa hävdar?

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New Incursion: Clear Sky

  • Clear Sky is a new Incursion mission available in Columbus Circle.

  • You must be level 30.

  • The encounter is balanced for a team of 4 players outfitted with high level gear.

  • Hard Mode is available on May 24 when the update is released.

  • Challenge Mode will be made available the week after update 1.2 launches.

New Gear Sets

Four new gear sets have been added.

  • Final Measure - Stand your ground by defusing hostile grenades with this powerful defensive set.

    • 2 pieces: +50% Exotic Damage Resilience

    • 3 pieces: +15% Protection from Elites

    • 4 pieces: When throwing a grenade, gain the defuse buff. When in range of a hostile grenade, the buff is consumed and defuses the grenade as well as gives you a grenade.

  • Hunter's Faith - Duel your enemies at range and come out on top with this survival focused marksman set.

    • 2 pieces: +20% Marksman Rifle Critical Hit Damage

    • 3 pieces: +20% Damage to elites

    • 4 pieces: Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants you temporary armor. The further your shot, the more armor is awarded. The armor disappears after one bullet hits you.

  • Lone Star - Never reload your weapons again with this game changing utility set.

    • 2 pieces: +100% Ammo capacity

    • 3 pieces: +1000 LMG Damage, +1000 Shotgun Damage

    • 4 pieces: When the weapon is holstered, it regains full ammo.

  • Predator's Mark - Make your enemies bleed with this powerful offensive set.

    • 2 pieces: +20% Optimal Range

    • 3 pieces: +800 Assault Rifle damage, +700 Pistol Damage

    • 4 pieces: Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target bleed for 100% of damage already done by those bullets.

High-Value Targets & Search and Destroy missions

  • At level 30, complete all Encounters and Side Missions in a named area to get access to the “Search and Destroy” missions in the Safe House.

  • Receive Target Intel as a reward for completing Search and Destroy missions.

  • Bring Target Intel to HVT officers at the Base of Operations to locate High Value Targets.

  • Complete daily and weekly High Value Target missions for end game rewards.

Hijack Extractions

  • When a player attaches a bag to the extraction rope, another player now has the ability to sever the rope.

  • Severing the rope will cause all extraction bags to fall to the ground, scattering their contents as a public loot drop.

  • Be careful, hijacking an extraction will instantly mark you as Rogue!

Sealed Cache

  • Named and Elite enemies in the Dark Zone can now drop Sealed Caches that contain mystery items.

  • Sealed Caches need to be extracted before they can be opened, just like regular loot drops.

  • There are four qualities of Sealed Cache:

    • Specialized

    • Superior

    • High End

    • Gear Set.

Player Stash in Dark Zone Checkpoints

  • Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.

  • Checkpoints stashes eliminate the need for fast travel to your Base of Operations to collect your extracted loot!

ISAC Assignments

  • The ISAC Assignment is a new assignment type included in the map overview.

  • The ISAC Assignment will be available to players at level 30.

  • Every week a new ISAC Assignment will be available to the player.

  • The ISAC Assignment will reward players with exclusive vanity items.


  • Added new high-end named weapons in the game.

    • Hungry Hog: M60 Light Machinegun

    • Centurion: M1911 Pistol

    • Medved: SAIGA12 Shotgun

    • Historian: M1A Marksman Rifle

    • (Showstopper - AA12 Shotgun): Please note that while the Showstopper will be implemented in the game with this update, it will not be acquirable in-game until update 1.3

  • The Historian high-end marksman rifle is now available.

  • Added a 201+ Gear Score bracket for highly leveled players.



  • When a player is at max level, matchmaking for Hard and Challenge mode will now only seek players that are Level 30.

  • Armor damage mitigation cap has been increased to 75%.

  • Improved weapon blind fire and overall handling while in cover.

  • Reduced damages from level 34 NPCs using Shotguns and Sniper rifles.

  • Gear Score will now only take into account the equipped weapon with the highest Gear Score, and discard the other two. This will prevent players from equipping low quality weapons to voluntarily reduce their Gear Score.

  • Increased Gear Score requirement of Falcon Lost to better represent its difficulty (note that the difficulty of this Incursion hasn’t changed)

    • Hard Mode: Gear Score 160

    • Challenge Mode: Gear Score 180


  • In the Overview of the Inventory, the Health stat above Stamina has been replaced with Toughness. This is a combination of Health and Armor. The player’s health pool will still be visible in the Character page and Stamina still increases Health.

  • The Phoenix credit cap has been increased from 1000 to 2000 credits.

  • Shooting a player while they are interacting with an object will cause the timer to push back. (such as opening a supply crate or hijacking an extraction)

  • Players now have a voice chat indicator in the game UI to see if their own VOIP works.

  • The Special Gear Vendor has been renamed Special Equipment Vendor.


  • The Sentry’s Call 4 pieces talent will now only apply to semi-automatic weapons (pistols, shotguns, and marksman rifles).

  • The Second bonus on Performance Mods have been significantly improved.


  • The extraction departure timer once the helicopter arrived has been increased to 60 seconds.


We have made a number of changes to loot drops. Specific activities will now provide the rewards listed below.


  • Hard Mode (Boss Drop)

    • 1x 163 High End

  • Hard Mode (Mission Reward)

    • 1x 163 High End

  • Challenge Mode (Boss Drop)

    • 2x 182 High End

    • 1x 182 High End or 214 Gear Set

    • chance for 1x 191 Gear Set

  • Challenge Mode (Mission Reward)

    • 1x 182 High End

Falcon Lost/Clear Sky

  • Hard Mode (Boss Drop)

    • 1x 204 End Weapon

    • 1x 214 Gear Set

    • 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear Set

    • Hard Mode (Weekly Reward)

      • 1x 204 High End Weapon

      • 1x 214 Gear Set

    • Challenge Mode (Boss Drop)

      • 1x 204 Weapon

      • 1x 240 Gear Set

      • 1x 204 High End or 240 Gear Set

    • Challenge Mode (Weekly Reward)

      • 1x 204 High End Weapon

      • 1x 240 Gear Set

Dark Zone

  • Added Sealed Caches as new source for loot in the Dark Zone. Caches need to be extracted before they can be opened. Caches can come in any quality starting from Specialized and contain:

    • Equipment (weapons, gear or mods)

    • Division Tech

    • Dark Zone Credits

  • Brackets 0-160 & 161-200

    • Named bosses will now have a chance to drop a High-End or Gear Set Sealed Caches. If it drops, it will replace the guaranteed High-End item

    • Elite NPCs now have a chance to drop a Superior Sealed Cache

    • Named NPC Level 30 (DZ01 and DZ02)

      • 1x 163 High End or 191 Gear Set

    • Named NPC Level 31 (DZ03 and DZ04)

      • 1x 163/182 High End or 191/214 Gear Set

    • Named NPC Level 32 (DZ05 and DZ06)

      • 1x 163/182/204 High End or 191/214/240 Gear Set

  • Added a new Dark Zone bracket for Gear Score 200+. This bracket will contain tougher enemies (level 32 to 34) and provide better rewards

    • All drops from NPCs will start at Superior quality

    • All Division Tech drops will be High-End quality

    • Higher chances to drop Sealed Caches on Elite and Named NPCs

    • Supply Drops will contain 1 High-End item Gear Score 182 (DZ 01-04), 204 (DZ 05-06) plus a chance at a Gear Set item Gear Score 214 (DZ 01-02), 214 to 240 (DZ 03-04), 240 (DZ 05-06)

    • Named NPC Level 32 (DZ01 and DZ02)

      • 1x 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear Set

    • Named NPC Level 33 (DZ03 and DZ04)

      • 1x 182/204 High End or 214/240 Gear Set

    • Named NPC Level 34 (DZ05 and DZ06)

      • 1x 204 High End or 240 Gear Set


  • Fixed a bug where the effects of player talents would stack when the talent was repeatedly equipped and unequipped.

  • Fixed a bug where the Reckless gear talent would increase player damage resistance instead of decreasing it.

  • Fixed a bug where the Balanced gear talent would remain active indefinitely after the weapon was shouldered.

  • Fixed a bug with the Brutal gear talent where the damage was multiplicative instead of additive.

  • Fixed a bug with the One is None character talent where the weapon could jam when the magazine was down to one bullet.

  • Fixed a bug with the Specialized gear talent where it wouldn’t account for subsequent gear changes after the backpack was equipped.

  • Fixed a bug with the Path of the Nomad talent where the Health on Kill wouldn’t work if the kill was done with a melee attack.

  • Fixed a bug with the Tactician’s Authority talent where it wouldn’t trigger properly against other Players.

  • Fixed a bug where talents that are triggered by skills could be activated by just aiming the skill instead of using it.

  • Fixed a bug where bleed resistance could roll above 100% on some items.

  • Fixed a bug where players could exit the playable map area by using the mobile cover skill.

  • Fixed an issue where some doors at the entrance of main missions would not open after restarting the mission.

  • Fixed a bug where one of the Base of Operation wings would not unlock after completing Subway Morgue or Lincoln Tunnel missions.

  • Fixed a bug where players would not be able to upgrade their Base of Operation wings correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where the Small RDS Scope Mod would not roll weapon damage bonus, even though it was stated in the blueprint as a guaranteed stat.

  • Fixed a bug where the Base of Operations NPC speech was too repetitive.

  • Fixed an issue where the Base of Operations wing resources would not be displayed correctly if at least one of the wings was not activated (laptop not accessed).

  • Players will no longer be teleported to an incorrect checkpoint during the “Rescue: Tenderloin Civilians” side mission.

  • Fixed a bug where using a consumable would not allow the player to aim until the animation finished.

  • Fixed some visual replication problems when swapping weapons while in the Dark Zone checkpoints.

  • Player characters will now properly holster their weapons when climbing over high cover.

  • Improved UI tooltips for trading between players.

  • Fixed an instance where players would be teleported back to the Safe House during the “Hostage Rescue: Midtown East” medical encounter.

  • Fixed a bug where players would be teleported to last checkpoint in Hudson Refugee Camp.

  • Fixed an issue where players could not matchmake for Free Roam from the mega map, while in Brooklyn.

  • Fixed a bug where the Ballistic Shield visual would become corrupted if the player changed shoulder view while using it.

  • Fixed a bug where the defense turrets in Falcon Lost would be able to shoot players through covers from a medium-long range.

  • Fixed some objects in Falcon Lost that would not provide tactical cover.

  • Fixed a number of tooltips not displaying correctly in Arabic localization.

  • Fixed some instances where dead civilians would need things from the player.

  • Fixed a rare case where Rogue status would expire too soon.

  • Fixed a bug where the player could fall through the map in Brooklyn.

  • Crafting will now properly update blueprint stats if the player has switched their Firearms values while in the Base of Operations.

  • Players can no longer phase transfer to a group member’s higher Dark Zone bracket while having Rogue status.

  • Fixed a bug where automatching would return the wrong difficulty for missions when failing to find a match.

  • Fixed a bug where the player’s own character could obstruct aiming while in cover.

  • And many more!


[li]Fixed a bug where auto-aim would be automatically triggered on PC.[/li]

[li]Min and Max mouse sensitivity values are now exposed in state.cfg file.[/li]

[li]Added an option in the game UI that disables all Gamepad input.[/li]

[li]Added the option to sort inventory items by Gear Score (PC only).[/li]

[li]Added the option to toggle aim mode instead of holding to aim.[/li]

[li]Players can now right-click on gear in the Overview screen to get straight to the mod screen.[/li]

[li]Players can now rebind the ALT key.[/li]

[li]Players can now exit the game from the title screen.[/li]

[li]Fixed a bug where the game UI would not center correctly when dual screen is enabled.[/li]

[li]Fixed scrolling in Mission Overview in the mega map.[/li]

[li]Fixed an issue where scrolling through possible recalibrations was not always possible using the mouse.[/li]

[li]Fixed an issue where the wrong recalibration option could be selected at the Recalibration Station.[/li]

[li]Fixed a bug where some users could loot items from a distance using the mouse cursor.[/li]

[li]Snap to Marker feature is now smoother while using a keyboard.


Kul att du frågar! Svaren på dina frågor finner du nedan: 1) Jag pratar om hela historien kring The Division. Och spel i generell mening. 2) Nej, jag menar inte att det är negativt att det kommer en stor innehållspatch med mer att göra för alla spelare.... 26/05 Ja, du har rätt i att man måste vara fyra st i DZ, mest pga det konstanta hotet från Rogues och andra spelare men även att det blir mer effektiv farming. Tyvärr tröttnar jag fort på sådana spel. 25/05 Springer över alla zonerna. Grejen är att man måste hålla koll på kartan. Så fort ett landmark är lila så har en boss spawnat (ca var 10:e minut) och då gäller det att man springer dit innan någon annan hinner före. Skulle någon annan vara där så se bar... 25/05 Nya incursions är grymt kul och även att samla intel. Fick två set item igår 240 genom att samla intel och göra weekly med några kompisar. 25/05 Gissningsvis springer du runt i DZ06? Det kanske är bättre droprate än i DZ02/03 där jag brukar hålla till. Visst, bossarna droppar men hur ofta hittar man dem? Vet inte vad respawn rate är om jag ska vara ärlig. 25/05 Too little, too late. Men kul för de som fortfarande spelar. 25/05 Bara för du och dina polare inte spelar ,betyder det inte undergången för spelet lul. 25/05 Jag sa det innan och nu igen. Detta är nya Evolve, överhypat och spelarbasen bara minskar o minskar. Sådan potensial men misslyckades :( 25/05 Satan vilket lass med nya buggar som kom med uppdateringen. Man undrar ju verkligen om dom har en QA avdelning överhuvudtaget. Riktigt clusterfuck :( 24/05 Vad pratar du om här, egentligen? Du menar att det är negativt att det kommer en stor innehållspatch med mer att göra för alla spelare? Jag har spelat få spel den sista tiden som var så pass snyggt på en gammal dator och flöt på bra redan vid release... 24/05
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