Det brittiska imperiet är under attack och det är viktigare än någonsin att hålla ihop det. Nej, FZ har inte börjat kampanja för (eller emot) Brexit. Det handlar instället om innehållet i den första #Hearts of Iron IV-expansionen.

#Hearts of Iron IV: Together for Victory lyder namnet, och den handlar alltså om att hålla ihop det brittiska imperiets kolonier när det attackeras som värst under andra världskriget. Så här säger pressreleasen och den första trailern:

The centerpiece of Together for Victory is a set of new National Focus trees for five subjects of the British crown: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the British Raj in India. Make history with appropriate technology or alternate history paths, as well as new portraits, new leaders and new companies for the Dominions. Together for Victory is the first step in a process that Paradox hopes will tell the story of every nation in the great conflict.

Together for Victory will also include:

[li]New Autonomy system has different levels of dependency and status for subject nations – puppets, Dominions and fully independent states[/li]

[li]Continuous National Focus ideas will add new bonuses and improvements to your country as you take it through the crucible of war[/li]

[li]Nations can request a Lend-Lease agreement from their allies and friends if they are in dire need of equipment and vehicles[/li]

[li]And much more, including updates and changes to the combat system


Expansionen släpps "snart" via digitala kanaler.