#Cryptic meddelar via officiella webbplatsen för #Champions Online att en ny expansion är på väg till superhjälteliret. Den nya expansionen kommer fokusera på mer innehåll för spelare på levels mellan 37 och 40, samt lägga till den nya staden Vibora Bay. Det är inte tal om en gratisexpansion, men prislappen är ännu så länge okänd.

Spelet har också plåstrats om nyligen. Patchen är tämligen massiv och istället för att vi ska försöka räkna upp alla de viktigaste ändringarna så hänvisar vi till de kompletta patch-notes-anteckningarna här nedanför.

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Patch notes: January 27th, 2010

* This build contains over two months worth of fixes and changes to the game! Please read the full patch notes to understand how changes may have affected your character.
* Players in Lemuria should experience much less lag and find the zone more playable. Please let us know on the forums if you are still experiencing issues.
* Nemeses can now be edited at the MCPD Crime Database. Change their costumes, powers, and minions for a modest fee!
* Team Looting mechanics have been changed. Check out the Missions and Content section for more details.
* Due to the changes being made to the powers, Swallowtail Cut and Force Cascade: Containment users will be given free retcons in an upcoming patch.

Patch Note Topics

* General
* UI/Chat
* Powers
* Missions and Content
* Crafting
* Character Creator
* Known Issues


* New Item Functionality - Procced Offensive Combat Value ("Offense" on items): Items which previously were described as granting an OCV bonus for certain kinds of attacks had not been actually giving that bonus. These items have been rebuilt and redesigned, and now have a chance to grant a short duration (20 second), very high intensity boost to OCV on attacks of the designated type. This effect can occur no more than once every 120 seconds. Some items affected by this change include:
o Nakomis Totem
o Gloves of the Changeling
o Omicron Chemistry
o HotSleep Fists
o Mechmachine Fists
o UNTIL Achilles-JPG Gloves
OCV is now on a Diminishing Returns model. Lower values of OCV generate greater benefit than previously, and very high values will result in less benefit. The benefit from OCV follows the exact same curve and values as your primary characteristics. (This is almost certainly a 'buff' for everybody who has any OCV, as there likely wasn't enough gear to pass the inflection point in the content before this update.)
* MP3 tracks will now correctly turn off when switching to another player.
* Object interaction will no longer cancel when rotating your character with the keyboard.
* Messages displayed when players get disconnected are now more accurate.
* ATI multi-sampling has been improved for 2000-, 3000-, 4000-, and 5000-series cards, including flickering fog and blooming, outlining problems, and streaking line artifacts in shadows.
* Nvidia has released new graphics drivers for Windows Vista/Windows 7 which contain a fix to some issues with Champions. If you were experiencing problems, please update your drivers (32-bit link or 64-bit link) and see if they are resolved.
* Made improvements to DirectX state management, fixing an issue where bad data could cause polygons to appear in random, flickering locations, occasionally causing crashes.
* Setting a withdraw limit of 0 in the guild bank will now actually count as a limit of 0, instead of being unlimited.

User Interface and Chat

* The following new options have been added to the Control Schemes: Camera Follow Type, Max Camera Distance, Mouse Look sensitivity, Controller Look sensitivity. With ?Always Face Forward? option off, turning left and right will now turn the camera. We have also increased the camera?s pitch and yaw interpolation speeds when using the keyboard/mouse.
* Players should no longer see negative numbers showing up in chat when you dodge/resist/immunify an attack.
* Changes to the render scale setting should now correctly save.
* The camera should now move more smoothly and handle collisions better.
* Super Group contacts now have icons.
* Players that set their "Looking For Group" rules to reject team invitations will show that status in the LFG UI.
* "Show Damage Floaters" has been added to the options menu.
* When you're holding an object, the tooltip for Smash will now display the damage it will deal.
* Team notification error messages should now appear in red.
* Unlocking a new Pattern will now show the pattern name instead of the material name.
* The buy option in stores should now correctly check inventory space and send the correct message if there is not enough space available.
* The option to set bloom intensity has been added to the options menu.
* The option to switch audio output device has been added to the options menu.
* A new privacy setting has been added that allows players to set themselves as Visible, Friends Only, or Anonymous.
* When selecting a character at the character select screen, the character now assumes the correct pose instantly rather than blending into it.
* Chat channels will correctly save when switching between tabs.
* There is now an error message when trying to use Team, Guild, or Officer chat while not a member.
* The correct error message will now display when trying to send tells to non-friends from a trial account.
* Fixed an issue with overflow bags where the "Take All" and "Discard" buttons didn't update the UI. Players should no longer receive an "Inventory Full" message while they have open space in their bag.


* Players with very high stealth will no longer get aggro when someone on their team pulls aggro. A player that cannot be perceived will not be treated as a legal target, until a point at which they normally would be.
* Dodge and Avoidance are now on a diminishing returns model. Lower values of Dexterity generate significantly greater benefit than previously, but very high values will result in less benefit.
* Added moderate knock resistance element to snares.
* It is no longer possible to switch builds and retain any benefits from the previous build.


* Sonic Arrow: Tap damage increased, charged damage reduced.
* Torrent of Arrows: Charged damage decreased.


* Expulse: Fixed costing so it knows that it can only be cast at full charge.


* Ebon Rift: Now appears very close to the target, instead of a fixed distance away from the caster. Additionally, the rift now lingers for a duration that increases based on how long it was maintained. Base cooldown has been increased to 16 seconds.
* Ebon Rift: Vengeful Shadows: This advantage was not working properly against targets that were immune to knockback, dealing unintentional massive damage. We have changed it such that enemies who are immune to knockback take significantly less damage from this advantage. The net result is - this power works the same as it did before this change against critters who are not immune to knockback, but enemies that are immune to knockback effectively take 30% more damage from your Ebon Rift if they are within range of the advantage. Also increased the range of the advantage from 5 feet to 7 feet (as it is supposed to be melee range).
* Shadow Embrace: Damage over time increases slightly more slowly.


* Conflagration: Substantially improved graphical performance.


* Personal Force Field: Now regenerates at triple the normal rate when out of combat.
* Force Blast: Tap damage and cost reduced. Charged damage and cost increased slightly.
* Force Cascade: Containment Blast: Description updated to read "Applies a hold to all targets hit by Force Cascade and prevents them from being damaged."
* Force Eruption: Activate time reduced from 0.57 seconds to 0.5 seconds. Tap damage and cost increased, and charged damage reduced.
* Protection Field: Power no longer returns a percentage of your energy as an absolute value of energy (i.e. returning .15 energy rounded up to 1 from a 15% energy return). Also, "You've gained energy" effect will only play on you when you actually gain energy, instead of every time the target is struck.


* Sonic Device: Cooldown increased to 30 seconds from 18 seconds. Shares a cooldown with Imbue.


* Frost Breath: Damage increased slightly, cost decreased.
* Ice Blast: Damage increased slightly, cost decreased.


* Enrage: Increased the bonus damage per stack.


* Shotgun: The base power has been placed on the same diminishing returns model as other knockback powers.
* Two-Gun Mojo: Close the Gap: No longer has variance above/below 30%, and changed where the % increase takes place so that this should always equal a 30% increase at point blank, even at high stat levels.

Power Armor

* Chest Beam: Description incorrectly stated the power knocked back, however it did not. Power now has knockback, but has had a 3% damage reduction to keep the cost relatively close to what it was (though it has been increased a bit).

Single Blade

* Dragon's Bite: Now uses the correct description.
* Swallowtail Cut: Damage can now be resisted, the percent of health damage does not benefit from damage-improving effects and buffs, and reduced the tick rate of the power.
* Sneak: Adjusted to work with the new perception values of critters. Should be more useful versus both critters and players now.


* Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary: Should no longer be possible to have more than one set of this Sigil out.
* Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary: The aggro stealth provided by these sigils no longer unintentionally scales with stats.
* Sigils of Radiant Sanctuary: Fixed an error with the advantaged version of this power that was preventing it from ranking up appropriately.


* Lash: Meteor Hammer: Added diminishing returns to the Knock effect. Also now properly works alongside Aspect of the Celestial's HoT effect.
* Condemn: Tap damage increased, Tap cost reduced. Charge damage increased, Charge cost reduced.
* Bite: Tap and Charge damage and cost increased.


* Collective Will: The debuff inflicted by the advantaged version of this power is now slightly weaker at each rank.


* Changes have been made to critter perception in order to enable changes to player stealth. This should not have any effect on how critters behave during combat, but may change how long critters stay in combat. Sneak has already been modified to work with these new changes.

Missions and Content

* Immobile critters will now only choose to attack things that are within their range.
* Open Mission timers should now correctly start in all cases.
* Unique items will no longer be given out in open missions if the player already owns that item.
* Critters will now only give out rewards after their death just once, as it should be.
* Missions now reward level appropriate resources upon completion. If you're over the level of the mission, you'll receive fewer resources as a reward.


* Citizens Distressed: Replaced SUO Weaponry reward with Modified SUO Weaponry so that each reward has different stats.


* Lemuria's performance should be greatly improved. Please report any additional performance issues you experience underwater.


* Earthworm Gem: Scientists now give credit immediately after his guards are defeated.
* Special Assignment missions are now granted correctly.


* Nemeses can now be edited for a modest resource cost. Visit the MCPD crime database to update your Nemeses' appearances and powers.
* Nemesis names must now be unique (on a single character) when you create or edit a Nemesis. You can no longer have two nemeses named "Nuck Chorris".
* Nemesis Confrontation: Qliphothic Tainted Realm: Both the damage and the power gain occur less often, but for higher amounts per tick. The net result is an overall reduction in both energy gain and damage inflicted. Overall damage is now significantly reduced by your Recovery stat. (Lore reason: Your own system's hearty energy generation helps push out or purge the tainted energy!) The higher your Recovery, the less damage you'll take. Added an icon and flagged the power as an un-purgable debuff, and added a description / text to the icon that reads: "You are being flooded with corrupted energy. Keep your energy low, or it will harm you!" The damage is now resistible. In addition to the obvious benefits of further reducing the damage, it makes using Shadow Form a viable tactic, albeit still something of a mixed blessing; your energy will be constantly topped off, but you?re now able to automatically resist the damage to a VERY high degree.
* Defeated Nemeses can now be reactivated from the MCPD crime database if players don't already have an active Nemesis.


* Items with a level requirement of 1 will no longer display the level, as everyone meets that requirement.
* Temporary Forcefield (level 9): Fixed flavor description to match power.
* Changed item tag on Acheral Mace Device and Sonic Pacification Device so that they are no longer consumable.
* Mutating Gene Bomb Catalyst and Xeno-Infection Catalyst have had their slots changed from secondary to primary to match their recipes.
* The stats on Ward of Yggdrasil are now appropriate for the item.
* Changed Strength Amplified Exolimbs to Dexterity Amplified Exolimbs to match already existing stats.
* Necrull's Skull can now only summon one of each type of undead critter, rather than unlimited hordes.
* Action figures at the Toy Master now properly list if they are Bind on Pickup rather than Bind on Equip.

Team Looting

* Round-robin looting now gives a better distribution amongst team members.
* Free-for-all loot bags can now only be used by one player at a time. This should prevent players from thinking they took an item when another player already claimed it.
* Round-robin and need-or-greed team looting are now on a per-item basis as opposed to per-bag.
* Master looter items are now granted immediately after the master looter assigns a recipient, rather than in one large batch at the end.
* Master looter mode no longer has a timed event associated with it.
* Loot that is being interacted with no longer expires, and interacting with loot refreshes the expiration time. This prevents situations where a need/greed timer could expire after the loot itself has expired, preventing anyone from receiving the item.
* Team looting threshold is now met on a per-item basis rather than the highest quality item in the bag. Now, if a bag contains white and blue items, and the threshold is for Blues, the the whites will be assigned round-robin, while the blue is distributed by the master looter.
* Loot rolls and rewards now correctly deal with changes to the team (such as a new leader, players joining/leaving, etc.) while a loot bag exists for the team.


* New BOE Crafted Travel Device blueprints can now be dropped by White Rhino, Dr. Demogaard, The Bronze King, Vikorin the Blind, and Shadow Destroyer.
* Enhancements at crafting vendors should once again show stat information.
* The tooltips for enhancement blueprints now display the types of blueprints they can enhance.
* Emperor's Blaze Blueprint now correctly makes the Emperor's Blaze power replace instead of Amp Maces.
* Marked the blueprint for Advanced Surge Protection as a consumable.
* Gadget Boy Theorem component is now labeled as Competent.
* Fixed a bug that was causing players to reopen the crafting table each time an item was deconstructed.
* Reduced some required components for intermediate crafting objects.
* Fixed an incorrect component cost on the Speedball blueprint.

Costume Creator/Tailor

* Capes should no longer display incorrectly when first showing up on screen. The issue where polygons stretched or a temporary drop in framerate occurred has also been fixed.
* Fixed a bug causing unlocked costume pieces to reset to default pieces when entering the Tailor.

Known Issues

* The camera gets "stuck" to the side of the player after transferring between zones. Simply manually moving the camera (with the right-mouse) should unstick it.
* The "Mouse Look Reticle" does not change colors based on the target it is facing.
* When attempting to queue for Nemesis Confrontation, the UI opens up to the wrong tab.
* Focus of the Unleashed Tempest: Incorrectly displays a growing stack of Heightened Focus. This has no effect on any of the powers currently in the game.
* Due to the changes being made to the powers, Swallowtail Cut and Force Cascade: Containment users will be given free retcons in an upcoming patch.

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