Skamlöst underhållande#Sniper Elite 4 har försetts med en patch som dels städar bort en del problem, dels fyller spelet med nytt innehåll utan kostnad. I kategorin "nytt och gratis" hittar vi multiplayer-banan Night Woods, den nya mp-spelformen Elimination, en ny kampanjdel för en eller två spelare, med mera. Buggfixarna sträcker sig över både single- och multiplayer-delarna, där puts av serverbrowsern och anslutningsmöjligheter känns hyfsat välkomna.

Hela changeloggen för patch 1.2 nedan. Patchen finns ute till Windows-versionen av spelet via Steam. Jag hittar ingen information om den släppts också till PS4 och Xbox One, men #Rebellion har tidigare sagt att man siktar på samtidig release till alla plattformar (med förbehåll för kontroller av konsolversionerna), så den torde finnas ute eller dyka upp inom kort.

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New Content
• Free Elimination multiplayer mode, available on all existing multiplayer maps.
• Free Night Woods multiplayer map, supports all competitive modes including Elimination.
• Support for Deathstorm Part 1: Inception and Night Fighter Expansion Pack.
• Updated Achievements

• Applied various Steam controller fixes.
• “Drop Down” added to keyboard bindings for remapping.
• Ensured saves don’t occur while the player is in mid-air. Also reduced occurrences of saves next to an exploding vehicle.
• Vehicles now resume what they were doing previously when restored from a save, and no longer persist with dead targets. Tweaked tank and pillbox vision.
• Fixed various weapon glitches and bugs to reduce chances of players or AI having no visible weapon, or weapons held in the wrong pose or using the wrong animation. Picked-up weapons now retain their skin if that was not the base model.
• Scope will no longer allow the player to see through various objects.
• Fixed binocular reticule glitch in 3D.
• Standing in a bush no longer awards a foliage kill. Also improved the detection for various other stats and shot callouts.
• Bullet cams in Eyefinity and other super-wide resolutions should no longer zoom in excessively.
• AI now slightly less prone to exploitation by player during investigations. Dead bodies more likely to stop AI running into obvious death-traps.
• Applied various fixes for corrupt profiles.
• Fixed issues with various challenges:
• No Manual Reloading (Allagra Fortress)
• No Tagging (various)
• Melee Ace (Abrunza Monastery)
• Fixed miscellaneous document on Giovi Fiorini Mansion

• The server browser can now be sorted on any column.
• The “Invite” button will now work when connected to dedicated servers.
• Dedicated servers will now be included in matchmaking.
• Dedicated servers now support remote connections from the Sniper Elite 4 RCON web interface. See our follow up announcement for more details.
• Applied various dedicated server fixes.
• Ensured Overwatch characters are restored right way round if starting from a save.
• Players will be harder to tag through objects.
• Applied various out-of-world and collision fixes to reduce exploits on all maps.

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