Vad gör några extra månader efter fem års utveckling?

Många blev imponerade när vi skrev om skräcksspelet Routine i slutet av förra året, då utvecklarna annonserade att titeln skulle släppas i mars. De skriver själva att de kunde ha stressat ut det i december men valde att lägga några extra månader på spelet för extra finputsning.

Under denna period blev det dock tydligt att en av spelets två vägar (med unika slut) inte var lika stark som den andra. Och med fem års utvecklingstid skriver skaparna att de verkligen vill släppa något de kan vara stolta över.

We made the call at the end of January that our second path was just not as strong as the other. If you follow us on twitter you may have noticed over these last two months that we’ve been very inactive, and the reason has been that we’ve just crunched like crazy to try and hit that March Release date. It’s looking like we just can’t do that, there are still a few things that require our attention. You have waited almost 5 years for Routine, and we want to make sure that what we give you in the end is nothing short of the best we can give you. We’re genuinely sorry to announce this small delay, but we feel like the last thing we want to do is disappoint all of the people that given us their love, support and kindness, by releasing something that didn’t feel complete.

We only get to release Routine once, and we want to make sure we do it right. We don’t expect the delay to add more than a month or two and when we next update, we promise to finally give you a clear release date with a game that we are proud of.

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