Dålig stämning när pappa tappar dotter ner i en grop full av skuggmonsterfingrar.

Det första Black Mirror-spelet släpptes för 14 år sedan och kryddade den redan etablerade peka-klicka-genren med skräck och obehaglig stämning. Två uppföljare senare, släppta 2009 och 2011, som ingen verkar ha brytt sig om, sparkar nu THQ Nordic igång varumärket med en ny titel.

Trots att spelet ska släppas redan i slutet av november har vi ingen gameplay att bjuda på, bara en lagom otrevlig trailer. Den officiella hemsidan bjuder på denna synopsis.

David Gordon never knew his estranged father particularly well. Still it comes as a shock when he is summoned to his family’s ancestral home in the Scottish highlands, after his father has taken his own life there. David does not know much about his father’s final weeks, but the circumstances of his death seem more than peculiar. Settling the heritage is merely an excuse for David to find out more about the castle his father grew up in, meeting the family he never knew and for shedding light on the mysteries surrounding his father’s death.

Tormented by nightmares and waking dreams for all his life, he fears that it might be his destiny to follow in his father’s footsteps, down a path that leads to madness and death.
Is there really a curse that has been haunting his family for generations as his father believed? Or are the mysteries hidden inside the cold walls of Black Mirror house of a far more wordly nature?

It is up to David to uncover the horrible truths, buried under generations of silence and fathoms of stone.

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