2013 släppte Nightdive klassikern System Shock 2 på nytt och nu har spelet fått en ny patch, flera år efter att spelet först släpptes. Patch 2.46 går att ladda ner redan nu till pc-versionen, men även en mac och Linux-kompatibel version förväntas släppas inom kort.

Patchen åtgärdar i huvudsak en rad kollionsproblem, men fixar även svävande objekt och några felplacerade föremål. Det ser även till att det ökända uppdraget "Find Delacriox" går att klara utan problem och gör så att spelet skalar bättre i 1080p. Se listan nedan för allt som är nytt:

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System Shock 2 Patch 2.46

– The EXE has been renamed from Shock2.exe to SS2.exe to avoid old Windows compatibilities being applied on game launch. You will need to restart Steam for the launcher to point to the new executable,
– Fixed the problem with battery not fully charging items sometimes,
– Partially fixed the problem with Pyro field glow effect never going away after saving and loading while active,
– The Recycler will no longer recycle equipped implants, preventing issues,
– Fixed many miscellaneous problems on doors, lights, and eggs,
– Fixed many upside down or badly rotated objects,
– Fixed many cases of rogue props on objects,
– Fixed quite a few cases of script duplication,
– Fixed a few extreme cases of objects floating off walls and floor,
– Fixed the almost completely broken ‘Find Delacroix’ quest,
– Fixed a couple of quests that were starting up or completing in a slightly buggy way
– Fixed all the broken piles of worms in the last few levels,
– Some tweaks to various existing setups to make them work smoother (explore the DML files if interested in details),
– Disruption grenades now actually deadly as per their description,
– Rick turrets now corpse normally,
– Grenade Hybrids now launch grenades from their hands instead of their abdomens,
– The starting controls now use WASD,
– The default music volume level has been lowered slightly,
– Enhanced Precision disabled by default as having it enabled was causing issues with Steam Overlay and Windows 10,
– The default resolution when starting the game is now 800×600,
– The in-game UI is now set at a fixed resolution, and will scale better at high (1920×1080 and above) resolutions. If you wish to disable this change, open cam_ext.cfg in NotePad, and add a semicolon to the beginning of the line ‘d3d_disp_scaled_2d_overlay 800 600’