“My name is Doomguy, My CO’s a putz. Hey look, some demons! RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!!”

Författaren och illustratören Theodor Seuss Geisel, mest känd under namnet Dr Seuss, skapade Katten i Hatten för att vända en trend på 1950-talet där barn blev sämre och sämre på att läsa. Han fick i uppdrag att göra en barnbok med endast 250 av de ord en förstaklassare bör kunna och resulatet blev fantasifulla berättelser på rim.

När en kreatör på Deviantart la upp en bild på Doom-omslaget, ritat med Geisel särskilda stil, dröjde det därför inte länge innan Internet reagerade med otaliga rim om Doomguys eskapader.

Från kommentarerna på sajten hittas bland annat korta och koncisa exempel som detta:

Come around, boys and girls,
there's story to tell
'Bout a bath of blood
in Martian hell

Eller betydligt mer matiga som denna:

Mr. Marine joined the force due to his name
for he never expected his exploits would be a game

He was punished for talking smack to his boss named Phillip K. Kars
so Mr. Marine was sentenced to lowly guard duty on colony Mars

His attitude was the lowliest of lows, his bar visits often came to blows!
But that changed, as the logbook goes, the day the devil awoke from his doze!

Mr. Marine was never a man of vanity, but the days ahead would try his sanity
The whispers in dark, the visions so bleak, spelled the DOOM of all of humanity!

So Mr. Marine took his pistol, though he knew he'd need more
to battle the monsters as through the Hellgate did pour!

Mr. Marine was alone, this task was for him
He'd get better workouts than a lifetime of Gym!

His mind was decaying from the sights he beheld,
but he never surrendered to the demons he expelled

"Why wallow in fear?" He asked himself in his head.
"I may as well have fun, since soon I may be dead!"

So he grinned his grinniest as he kicked Satan's minions in the nuts
and his immortal words were bellowed: "RIP AND TEAR YOUR GUTS!"

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