Indieutvecklaren med Twitter-namnet @Der_Kevin gillar att göra knasiga spel, ganska så ofta med fysiken som humorbränsle. I ett av hans senaste projekt, med det passande namnet Last Man Sitting, är du fast i en kontorsstol och använder rekylen från en hagelbrakare för att förflytta dig. Det första klippet från spelet gjorde succé på Reddit med över 100 000 uppröster men istället för att rida på den virala vågen tog Kevin semester.

Detta var dock planerat på förhand och för att inte hinna glömmas bort i det snabba tempot på internet sammanställde han följaden FAQ, med löfte om att vara tillbaka i december och kanske släppa Last Man Sitting redan i januari.

What do you do when your one of your games gone Viral? right, you go on vacation. No, this was not a last minute decision, I planed this already a year ago.. bad timing anyway, iam gone now til the 10th of December and most likely, I wont have any Internet Connection. So i gathered all the questions that came up so far:

I am a Sounddesigner/VoiceActor/Artist/Programmer/Gametester - do you need me?
Sorry, I don't look for teammates. That includes Developers, Sound Designer, Voice Actors, Artists, Marketing etc. I am good, thanks! But I feel extreme honoured and humbled that there are people out there who wanna help. you are great!

I wanna Publish you Game! How much money and time do you need?
I am not seeking for publishers. Sorry

Hi, I am from (dubious Game Platform) we wanna sell your game, you even get 10% revenue Share from all sales!
The game will be out on first and maybe later steam. No other Platforms

Mac and PC first. I will look into Linux later on I have also no plans for a switch, xbox or ps4 version. Let me finish the Game first, okay?

I cant find the Game! Where can i download it?
Release Date will be December, January - but only if its good. If something sucks I will take all the time that i need to make it good

I am a streamer! can i get some keys?
once I have a more reliable release date i will announce something regarding streamer partnership. but not now

when is the kickstarter coming?
i have no kickstarter planed, neither a patreon, if you still wanna support me in any way. spread the word about Las man sitting as much as you can or buy one of my other tiny games:

what abaout your other projects?
all on hold right now

i had the same idea, i hate you!

do you know Harry the Handsome Executive?
now i know about it, thanks

what? so you wont work on the game for 2 weeks?
No. I just got an old SurfacePro2 and made a Low Graphics Version of Last Man Sitting to work with: