Varken vi eller CD Projekt Red är förstås redo att lämna E3-trailern från Cyberpunk 2077 bakom oss. På sajten har de påbörjat en serie som, en bild i taget, tar oss genom trailern och Night City.

För ett tag sedan skrev vi om fyra bilder och historierna bakom dem. Nu är det dags för ytterligare en kvartett. Idag lär oss Night City om fattigdomen, teknologin och nattlivet, men också lite, lite om en karaktär som kanske kommer bli en viktig del av spelet...

...när det nu släpps. Cyberpunk 2077 har inget releasedatum, och väntan lär bli plågsamt lång.

Episod 4 – Lizzy Wizzy, Samurai, hjärndans och längtan till glitter och glamour

Lizzy Wizzy — Controversial frontwoman for the band Lizzy Wizzy and the Metadwarves, of which she is the only human member.

For many Night City residents, crushing poverty and homelessness are significant and likely inescapable problems. Despite this, most are still entranced by the glitz of showbiz and luxurious lifestyles of the privileged elite. Breakthroughs in neural technology paved the way for people to share recordings of their own personal memories and emotions via tech known as “braindance” (or BD). Some BD productions put actors in staged situations to create “false” memories, to give viewers the feeling that they’re living in an action film. Other BDs are simple recordings of a day in the life of the world’s biggest and brightest stars. The ability to “become” a celeb and experience a life of luxury gives many a chance to escape their own miserable reality. As a result, braindance addiction has become an ever-growing problem for the city’s poor. Also, as with all forms of entertainment media, illicit braindance recordings (XBDs) can be found easily in the seedy underbelly of Night City’s black market.

Samurai — A legendary rock band for whom music was a way to rebel and fight the system.

Episod 5 – Teknologins allseende öga

In 2077, technology has become omnipresent. It’s used to automatize industry, bombard the masses with incessant advertising, replace human flesh and bone with circuitry and steel, and the list goes on. While cheap electronic devices and services are available to even some of the poorest members of society, most cannot afford to buy the newest toys or replace broken equipment. As a result, from a young age many learn to improvise and work with discarded scrap to make repairs, to build their own diversions, to craft their own weapons.

Episod 6 – Night City har ett nattliv för alla

Night City is a diverse place with people from all walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. As a result, there’s an array of nightlife establishments, each with their own appealing theme and atmosphere. Some Night City bars have a distinct old-school vibe, which is why, in the trailer, we spot a familiar sight — a classic style pool table that’s been retrofitted with minor technological enhancements.