I samband med firandet av spelets 6-årsdag förra veckan utannonserade Firaxis att expansionen War of the Chosen till Xcom 2 får ett matigt gratis-dlc. Tactical Legacy Pack är gratis, och innehåller bland annat nya berättelser, spellägen och utrustnng, Paketet släpptes i tisdags och kommer att vara kostnadsfritt fram till och med 3 december.

Du kan kolla in gameplay-premiären i streamreprisen ovan. Hoppa till 29:40 om du vill skippa det förvisso intressanta försnacket.

Nedan finner du även en detaljerad sammanställning av det nya innehållet, tidigare publicerad på Reddit.

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New Game Modes:
• Legacy Operations: This game mode is further divided into two separate options: Central’s Archives and Resistance Archives.

• Central’s Archives: Features four new story lines that take place between Enemy Unknown and War of the Chosen that tell the story of how the resistance was rebuilt during this time. Each story will have 7 back-to-back missions with an estimated total of 10 hours of content between these stories.

• Resistance Archives: Allows you to create your own stories by creating your own mission chain, selecting a squad type and going through a chain of missions that will change every time.
There is no strategy layer or base management during these game modes, and you will instead be presented with two different options for upgrading your squad’s equipment at the end of each mission.

Perma-death is still present but isn’t really a penalty. When characters die they are simply replaced at the start of the next mission with their class, abilities and equipment restored.

Players are instead penalized through a score system with points subtracted every time your squad takes damage or someone dies.

• Skirmish: This game mode allows you to create your own XCOM missions where you can customize every single feature of the players squad, including the number of units, their class and abilities (with no limit on abilities), their equipment and their rank. You can also customize the map details, the opponent’s squad and the AI difficulty.

• Challenge Archive: An offline challenge mode which features a list of all the daily challenges they have put out for War of the Chosen with “an entire campaigns worth of tactical matches” contained within. For those unfamiliar, you were only able to play these challenges once through the online system. Now you can replay them to your hearts content.

Other New Content:
Completely redone weapons and armor from Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within will be featured in Legacy Operations and these remastered items will also become available in your campaigns for War of the Chosen. They are unlocked in the main campaign by playing through Central’s Archives and unlocking them there. There are other cosmetic customization options that are also unlocked by playing through this game mode like hats, helmets and personalities.

28 new hand-crafted maps have been created for the new game modes which includes remastered fan-favorite locations from Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within. These maps are also unlocked in your regular campaign by playing through Central’s Archives.

A completely new soundtrack has been made that is inspired by the original UFO defense which you will be able to select for your XCOM 2 campaigns.

During the gameplay premiere it was also mentioned that a secret Roland Rizzo voice pack would be included.

New photo booth options including new backgrounds and introducing ways to interact with enemies while taking pictures.

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