Rockstar har uppdaterat Red Dead Online med det nya spelläget Gun Rush, där upp till 32 personer slåss på liv och död, solo eller i lag, på en stadigt krympande karta. Japp, det är Red Read Redemption 2:s tolking av battle royale och liksom allting annat i Red Dead Online är spelläget fortfarande beta.

Uppdateringen gör också flera insatser för att minska problemet med griefing, att spelare dödar andra spelare bara för att jävlas. Först och främst kommer sådan aktivitet sätta ett pris på anfallarens huvud, och syndaren måste inom viss tid betala böter för att slippa bli jagad av bounty hunters. Det avstånd som spelarikonerna syns på kommer också minskas, så att de inte längre syns över hela kartan, vilket gör det enklare att undvika att bli anfallen av samma person gång på gång. Man planerar flera åtgärder längre fram för att minska det ganska betydande problemet med folk som beter sig som svin, likaså nya uppdrag och fler saker att göra.

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  • Daily Challenges: Tackle new challenges each day covering every aspect of the game, from sharpshooting to evading the law.

  • Law and Bounty Upgrades: Some changes are coming to the way the Law and Bounty systems work in Red Dead Online to reduce the enticements for griefing. Soon, players will get a bounty for committing crimes and will be incentivized to pay them off within an allotted time. Wait too long and bounty hunters from each of the states will track the player forcing them to either pay up or escape.

  • Parley Changes: We’re making the Parley system easier to trigger so that you can avoid aggressive players more quickly. In addition, it will be easier to trigger Feuds, Posse Feuds and Leader Feuds to take on attacking players in structured competition.

  • Proximity-Based Player Blips: Player location blips will soon appear only over short distances, reducing the range at which you are visible to others, decreasing the likelihood of being targeted by another player across large areas. Down the line, we’re also looking to introduce the ability to identify players who grief and kill indiscriminately with a progressively darkening blip that becomes more visible and at a longer range, so everyone in a session can identify potentially dangerous opponents at a glance and from a safe distance.

More to Come
We are working on lots of new content that we will be releasing this year. Just a few of the updates in the works are:

  • All-new missions to build on your Story in A Land Of Opportunities – from previously established characters like Horley and Jessica LeClerk, and some new ones as well.

  • A range of Dynamic Events throughout the world

  • Lots of new competitive modes including new Showdown Modes and Races

  • Plus new weapons and clothing, and lots more that we’re not quite ready to announce just yet…

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