Ja, må du crafta! Den 17 maj fyllde det svenska megafenomenet Minecraft tio år. Det har redan firats med bland annat interaktivt in game-museum, och nu fortsätter kalaset med ett nytt spel. I sommar släpps betan för Minecraft Earth (regga dig här!), ett AR-spel till mobila format som låter som rena Pokémon Go-dödaren. Pokémon Go parat med Minecraft? Kan det bli annat än succé?

Minecraft Earth fortsätter traditionen med att skapa, men du ska nu kunna "djupdyka" i dina byggen på "en helt ny nivå". Åtminstone om vi ska tro det rykande heta pressmeddelandet. Mer konkret info lär dyka upp allteftersom, inte minst då betan alltså går live någon gång i sommar.

Någon skarp release finns ännu inte. Den första trailern och en lång rad fakta (om IRL-äventyr, där "din trottoar kan bli en diamantgruva", och en del annat) hittar du däremot undertill.

I pressmeddelandet passar Microsoft på att bekräfta nya säljsiffror för Minecraft: 176 miljoner!

  • Go on Adventures! In “Minecraft Earth,” you’ll go out in the real world to find small clusters of blocks, chests or mobs called Tappables. As you walk, you will also find Adventures, which are small slices of Minecraft worlds that you play in life-size AR – your sidewalk becomes a mine where there may be diamonds under your feet, or your local park may have Minecraft trees where skeletons lurk, ready for a skirmish! Players will collect resources, fight mobs, and gain experience points to progress in their career.

  • Collect, explore and survive! “Minecraft Earth” features many of the Vanilla Minecraft mobs that our players know and love, along with new ones we can’t wait to reveal (later). Over time, players will get the chance to discover and collect unique variants and use them to populate builds, as well as gather resources and take on nearby challenges.

  • Experience your creations in front of you or ALL AROUND YOU! Players can build their own permanent creations in “Minecraft Earth” through Build Plates – the best implementation of the creative spirit of the Vanilla game. Build in small, tabletop-sized environments where you can interact from above, or place your Build Plates on the ground to see your creations outside in life-size scale.

  • Collaborative multiplayer! Optimized for social multiplayer experiences, anyone with an AR-capable smartphone and “Minecraft Earth” installed will be able to join your session quickly and have fun together.

  • Fancy-tech! “Minecraft Earth” blends state-of-the-art Microsoft technology like Azure Spatial Anchors tracking and PlayFab integration to bring the game to life for a sophisticated AR gaming experience.