Vid första anblicken är Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order ett actionspel som inspirerats av Uncharted och God of War - chefsdesignern Stig Asmussen arbetade ju på Santa Monica Studios tidigare. När vi intervjuade honom i samband med E3 var han dock väldigt mån om att folk skulle veta att spelet också har Metroidvania-inslag, där du kan återbesöka olika världar på jakt efter hemligheter och uppgraderingar.

För att du inte ska missa något intressant har Gameinformer sammanställt en 24 punkter lång lista över saker som de inte tyckte fick plats i deras förhandstitt. Detaljer som hur Respawn resonerar kring lemlästning medelst ljussabel, om vi kommer att få ratta fler fordon och vilka Star Wars-verk som inspirerat dem mest.

Vi har plockat de vi tyckte var mest intressanta nedan, du hittar hela artikeln här.

Ingame Clothing

  • We’ve already confirmed that the ship, the Stinger Mantis, BD-1, some of Cal’s clothes, and the lightsaber can be all be customized. Here are some more details. Asmussen: “Part of the pre-order bonus will be parts for lightsabers. They’re completely aesthetic. They don’t change how they function, but it’s cool because lightsabers have three or four major components to them, and you can find several different pieces along the way and the combinations you can get are astronomical at that point. Ponchos are something we can also have as different aesthetic options.”

Sheathe the Lightsaber

  • You can sheathe and unsheathe the lightsaber using left on the d-pad. It’s a cool-looking animation, and an unsheathed lightsaber can be used as a flashlight.

Lightsaber Colors

  • “Yes, you will be able to change the color. Though there are colors LucasFilm won’t let us touch.”

Lightsaber dismemberment

  • We asked Asmussen about lightsaber limb dismemberment and he said, “Obviously we don’t want this game to be mature-rated, so there might be some of that, but it would not be on human characters. We’re still working that out.” Creatures and robots will definitely respond to the lightsabers’ cutting ability, and human enemies take accurate, visible damage on their armor based on the players’ attacks, but hyperviolent destruction with various bloodied body parts constantly flying through the air won’t be in the game. “That wouldn’t be true to Star Wars,” Asmussen says.

E3 Demo

  • The E3 demo is more linear than the rest of the game. Asmussen says that portion was chosen because it was a more cinematic section of the game that worked well for showing the game off on the E3 stage.

More Vehicles

  • Reacting to the scene where Cal starts piloting the AT-AT in the E3 demo, we asked if there would be other moments like that where Cal would control vehicles. "There are other moments of exotic gameplay that is one-off stuff, but… that’s all I am really comfortable saying right now," Asmussen says.