Valve har inte världens bästa track record vad det gäller att släppa spel, särskilt inte om det råkar vara en trea inblandad. Och när vi för några veckor sedan började ana oråd vad det gäller In the Valley of Gods, från Firewatch-skaparna Campo Santo, fanns det eld bakom röken. Det är inte nedlagt men pausat då de är upptagna med att hjälpa resten av företaget med Half-Life: Alyx, Dota Underlords och andra Valve-projekt.

Jake Rodkin, en av Campo Santos grundare, skickade ett officiellt uttalande till Polygon.

To fans looking forward to In the Valley of Gods, it’s probably clear that the optimistic “2019” at the end of the announcement trailer isn’t going to be accurate. In the end, Valve Time makes fools of us all. But yes, developers from the former Campo Santo team have joined other projects at Valve, including Half-Life: Alyx. As you can imagine, our experience in the first-person adventure genre is pretty relevant. You hear a lot about how at Valve you can work on what you want. It turns out that’s true, and there’s a lot of work available. As we integrated ourselves into Valve it became clear there was a lot of valuable work to be done on Half-Life: Alyx. Some of us starting lending a hand, and have since become full-time on the project as it approaches launch. Similarly, some ex-Campos are working on Dota Underlords, some are on Steam, and so on. So to answer your question as of today, In the Valley of Gods development is on hold—but it certainly feels like a project people can and may return to. And when that happens, we’ll find an exciting way to let fans know.