De senaste veckorna har ett antal spelevenemang antingen ställts in eller drabbats av stora avhopp på grund av coronaviruset och nu meddelar Mojang att Minecraft Festival skjuts fram tll 2021. Evenemanget skulle ha ägt rum i september och de skriver i ett uttalande att det främst är planeringen inför showen som blivit drabbad av influensavirusets framfart.

In recent weeks, the COVID-19 outbreak has led many organizers to cancel or postpone gatherings and events across the world, as a preventive measure to ensure the health and safety of their guests. The situation around Minecraft Festival, however, is a little different. September is still many months away, and we are not making any predictions about how long it will take to put the outbreak behind us. This decision is rather a result of the extensive preparations required to organize a mammoth event like this.

Our partners, producers, and exhibitors are based in all corners of the world, and right now we can’t meet and collaborate in the way we need to. Without knowing exactly when we can resume planning, we have decided to postpone. That way, we can make sure that next year’s event will be the amazing one that our community expects and deserves.

Man kommer dock köra Minecraft Live som planerat och Mojang utlovar att nyheter, annonseringar och bakom kulissernamaterial kommer att levereras enligt planen.